10000 visits milestone

Yeah… Dear1 and Dear2 blog has achieved 10000 visits after about 6 months of inauguration. Hehe… A point to note here is that these visits are all purely from search results link and linkback from other blogs or forums. On our part, we’ve not told *any* one about our blog, not even friends and family. Well, the reason is, this is our little world and not something that we want to actively publize. Just use the search engines on the internet and if our topic is relevent to ur interest, here u r. :D

Let’s have a short recap of the most popular posts to date. Hmm… looking at my stats page, I realize that I can’t find a button that gives me a table of the ‘Top posts’ of ‘All time’. It’s either ‘Last 7 days’ or ‘Last 30 days’. Hmm… This won’t be a good reflection of our all time top posts, but this is the only statistic I have at the moment. So let’s take a look at them. Counting down from 5.

5. Diner Dash – Flo on the Go

4. Sakura International Buffet Restaurant

3. H.K. Cafe flash game

2. NDP tickets up for ballot

And the #1 top post of all time is……

1. Diner Dash Flo on the Go Tips

Below I’d like to mention some posts that I feel should rightfully in the all time list but just not in the last 30 days list. Here they are in no particular order.

a. Results of Toto Hongbao Draw 2007

b. Warbears Mission 2 walkthrough

c. My Mitsubishi Fridge

As of today, I’ll also add a ‘Top posts’ section in the sidebar and it’ll display the top 5 posts in the past day or two.

The important thing now is to continue to look forward and continue writing great posts. This blog shall continue to grow together with us. Yeah!



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