Simply Her Magazine

Yeah… We’ve finally received our Simply Her magazine. Remember Dear1 and Dear2 signed up for a 1 year subscription worth $40 in order to get our free gift mini steamboat? Wow… that was some time back. Well.. we finally received it. And I excitedly took a very quick browser through the magazine to see if it is worth our money.

First of all, it’s $4.20 per issue, so that means we got a good deal. But this is expected becos we ARE suppose to get a discount for subscription off the newsstand price. Now, on to the contents of the magazine.

I was pleasantly surprised. The magazine is filled with alot of different information. Yes! Information, not junk adverts. In fact, there’s quite a fair bit of articles which made me feel valued as a reader. Next is the diverse genre covered in the magazine. Alright, I agree that these are all women topics, but hey, this is Simply Her. Not really expecting gadget reviews now are we.

One particular feature I like about this magazine is that it reviews many products. For example, there’s an article on eyebrow tweezers, which Dear2 liked alot. In that article, there’s information on where to get it and how much. Also, about 5 to 6 products are reviewed and critics and ratings were presented. Finally, a recommendation is made as to the Overall Best, Most Value for Money, Best New Entry. Well, I too liked the way these articles are presented. And there were about 3 to 4 such (ladies) product comparisons in the magazine.

Buying a magazine subscription is something that Dear1 and Dear2 had thought about for some time yet never got around to doing. Partly due to financial reasons, and partly due to laziness. Now we finally got one, and are happy that one first subscription turned out fine. (*Note: Times magazine subscription during schooling days don’t count, cos nobody *reads* them anyway.)

Let’s see how this works out. Maybe we’ll indulge ourselves a bit and get more leisure subscriptions along the way. Good idea ya? We all need to pamper ourselves sometimes.



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