Do we like to write blogs?

This is the topic of discussion for today. Do we, Dear1 and Dear2, like to write blogs?

The simple answer: Yes.

The complicated answer:

If some of u have been regular readers of our blog, u would have realized by now that Dear2 has disappeared from action for quite a long while. This is becos of her new job. The job scope requires Dear2 to work pretty long hours and by the time she gets home, she is too tired and lacks insipiration to write any post. Simply put, the long hours at work washed away any spark of insipiration.

Another thing u would have noticed is that for the month of June, posts have been very very irregular and totally not following our one post a day rule. The truth is, work. To tell the truth, work hasn’t been going all well for me either. I think I’ve been very unproductive and really need to pull up my socks. However, I’ve been very unmotivated lately and can’t seem to pinpoint the reason for so. It’s just a bad habit to start pointing fingers and blaming the work environment, colleagues, boss, weather, blah blah blah. Somewhere deep in thought, I know the problem must have been more fundamental than my surroundings. It’s probably got to do with my lifestyle, my mindset, my vision, goal, values, etc, this sort of things. And I still haven’t really sorted my thoughts out. Maybe it’s something that I can’t see on my own, and needed the perspective from outside myself to objectively tell me what is my problem. Hmm… Let’s just leave my train of thoughts here for a moment.

I enjoyed writing posts too. Remember blog as a history log? It still stands. I enjoyed logging in to my blog account each day, writing something, looking through my statistics, finding out which is the most popular post entries, seeing who linked our blog from their websites, all so fun and interesting. But I guess life is not as simple as that. Putting thoughts into action are completely different things. And it always requires a conscience effort to do something. For now, let’s get our lives sorted out and maybe this blog will log our ups and downs in life which will become precious memories in time to come. So, yes. The blog will always be here and we’ll always be adding new things to it. Our life story continues.



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