Passion Fun Run in 40mins

Yeah… we completed our first running event of the year, the Passion Run 2007. If u have read our previous entry, u would have known that we were late in registering for the run and hence were only able to register for the 5km fun run. We came back in 40mins by our personal stopwatch, didn’t rent the champion chip from them.

But boy are we glad that we only participated in the 5km run. The fact is that we’ve only started our training very very recently. Despite our ambition of exercising once a week, we were held back by our busy work schedule and some forms of laziness here and there. In fact, we’ve only ran our training twice. Our training route is roughly about 4km or so. The first time we ran, last last sunday, Dear2 was tired out too early on and we stopped around 1km. The second timw, which was last sunday, we managed to complete our designated training route and it felt really refreshing.

So it is. With our very little training, we thought we were ready to challenge the 5km run. But no, today’s run was wayyyyyy more tiring than our training last week. After some evaluation, we came to 2 conclusions. First, we’re too yaya papaya. We thought we little bit of training is enough to condition our bodies. Wrong! Second is the weather. For this fun run, we started at 8.30am, and the sun is already very scorching. I think that really drained alot of energy out of us. For our training, we’ve always scheduled it either early in the morning, 7am, or late in the evening around 6pm to avoid the sun. I guess weather does have a big effects on runners. I hope we won’t have to run any more events in the hot sun. Will take note of this when register for other runs later this year.

Ok, that’s it. Time to take a rest. Need to condition our bodies for the full marathon end of this year. がんばります!



3 thoughts on “Passion Fun Run in 40mins

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