A relaxing super long weekend

Hahaha… the past weekend must have been the longest holiday’s Dear1 and Dear2 have had for a long long while. Starting on Wednesday evening, our weekend began. Thursday is National Day. Friday took leave. Plus Saturday and Sunday. 4 days weekend, so relaxing. Actually, I think many Singaporeans must have taken leave on the Friday to enjoy their 4 day weekend too. 4 days can easily support a short trip to Hongkong or Taiwan. Alright, let’s document what we did these past few days.

Wednesday: Dear1 decided to leave office early so as to visit Ikea to exchange our damaged Grono lamps. The exchange process is pretty eventful, but I talk about it in a separate post. Meanwhile, Dear2 has got some last minute work to do and is delayed. So, instead of meeting for KFC using our coupons (yum yum), we decided to eat at our nearby market instead. Dear1 went home first to put down the Grono lamps and take a short break from carrying the lamps all the way home. Surprisingly, those 2 lamps are ridiculously heavy. Following that, Dear1 and Dear2 met at NTUC to shop for groceries to last us the next few days. We bought green leafy vege, fish, siew mai, toufu, yum yum. After that we had dinner at the coffeeshop, but it wasn’t very delicious. Dun ever eat mee goreng there again. Upon reaching home, we put our bedsheets to wash. We intend to clear all our laundry over the 4 days. And that’s it for the night, time to sleep.

Thursday: What a relaxing morning! We didn’t set any alarm clock, so we sleep and sleep and sleep and woke up at 11am. Haha… First time in a long while that we lai chuang so much. Woke up, feeling hungry, we went downstairs for a late breakfast, or rather an early lunch. This time eating at the more crowded and more good food coffeeshop. After a short walk around the market, we went home, and started to feel sleepy again due to a warm and full stomach. What to do? Take afternoon nap lah. Gee… So we went to sleep at 1pm and woke up at 2.30pm. So relaxing. The rest of the mid afternoon is spent doing some admin stuff and clearing some things from work. Come early evening, we started our food preparation, we’re going to have steamboat for 2. Here’s what the spread looks like.


Nice ya? That’s the free mini steamboat pot we got from subscribing Simply Her by the way. So we watched the NDP parade 2007 as we enjoy our personal size steamboat. Come to think of it, this is the first time Dear1 and Dear2 actually watched the NDP on tv together. For the past many many years in our courtship, National Day has always been something special for us and we’ll be out most of the years, chasing after romantic fireworks. This year, we eat our mini steamboat in our new home and watch the parade together, something simple yet feels so heartwarming. Gee…

Friday: Friday is our East Coast day plan. Morning woke up a bit late, but nvm. It’s the holiday for us and waking up late is the way to go. We prepared some iced Ribena and homemade mashed potatoes for our trip. We first made our way to Parkway Parade and had lunch at the hawker centre just outside. Actually, the food there really quite nice. We had hokkien mee (quite nice), yong tau fu (only 25 cents per piece, quite nice also) and a famous soya bean milk and soya bean curd. Then I realized, and I think this applies to most ppl as well, we only remember food stalls by their location, not their names. Oh yah, we bought a Michael Buble CD too! Anyway, we proceed to shop shop at Parkway Parade first since it’s early afternoon and the sun is really hot. Who knows, while we were shopping, it suddenly started raining heavily, we almost wanted to abandon our East Coast plans. But weather is on our side and the clouds cleared at around 4.30pm, just nice for a cool evening. We made our way to East Coast park and rented a twin sharing bicycle. Gee… So interesting. Dear2 likes twin sharing bicycle, Dear1 too. It’s $8 for 2 hrs, I wonder if it’s reasonable since we dunno the market rate also. Anyway, we ride the bike up and down East Coast, taking turns to ride in front, taking turns to rest our feet, and making a few stops just to enjoy the cooling sea breeze and to share our home made mashed potatoes. Soon it was dark, and we decided to take a walk along the beach. Dangling our shoes from our fingertips, we strolled along the wet sands, sinking in every time the waves washed across our feet. Yet another first, I don’t think we’d walked along the beach in the dim evening sky in this manner before. It feels a little cinematic, and we are just enjoying each other’s company.

Saturday: Yup, we went home on Friday night, we didn’t camp over at East Coast. In the morning, do a bit of work and made an appointment with our favourite hair salon, Shirley Mah. At 2pm, took a bus down to the salon for our haircut. Phew~ It really feels much fresher after a haircut, feel re-energized. After that, have lunch and went home. In the afternoon, just simply relax at home, do our own things, take a afternoon nap, cook dinner, and started watching a new show. In the evening, we went jogging, to prepare for our Singapore Bay Run. We initially planned to run about 4km and we ended up running about 7km. Yeah… So proud of Dear2 for overcoming the hurdle. Last year, we only managed to clear 7km close to our StanChart Run. We must jia you jia you together yo!

Sunday: Pretty much relax at home and doing housework. We did manage to clear most of our laundry, it took 4 rounds of washing with the washing machine I think. Thanks to the mostly sunny weather, all the clothes manage to dry! We continued watching our show and spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon in our living room. Later, we went out for dinner with Dear1’s family. It has been quite a while since we went dining with the family, so it also offered a good time for us to just chit chat and let our parents see their children properly, other than the tired looks we bring back from work everyday.

Yup, that’s our relaxing super long weekend (which is why there’s no post for so many days). Today’s post a bit overrun, but I really really so enjoyed being in company with Dear2. Gee… Let’s continue to do many more things together dear!



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