Some more home living with Morries

Yup, some more Morries. Haha… Interesting mah. Where got blog keep a catalogue of home appliances like this one? Ok lah, this time only got 2 products. Next time, I won’t make any new Morries posts unless I can accumulated more than 3 new product photos.

image029.jpg image030.jpg

First up is an oven toaster for $79.90. Picture is taken at Courts at AMK. I was quite surprise when I saw this product becos firstly, it’s the first time I’m seeing it, truly a new product. Second, its a bit of deviation from the usual white background with red spots cover design. This one is border by dark blue outlines and a somewhat more elegent lines and choice of fonts. It feels classier and just a little bit more up market compared to its usual designs. This oven toaster looks like it’s capable of some heavy duty roasting and cooking compare to its smaller cousin from the link above.

Next is a 16 inch stand fan found at NTUC Clementi (again). It’s very similar to this other Morries fan covered in an earlier post. From what I can tell, the only differences are some asethetic changes in remote control and fan body and the price, $49.90, slightly more expensive than the previoius model.

No more Morries for the time being. :)



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