Singapore Bay Run in 1hr40min

Phew… Run is over yesterday, and today Dear1 and Dear2 is feeling the effects – aching thigh muscles. This only goes to prove one thing, we lack training! 頑張って!

We woke up early at 4.45am, preparing for the flag off at 7am. Next, we manage to catch the first bus from Bukit Batok bus interchange at 5.30am and arrive at 6.10am at Suntec City. It was a good thing to arrive at Suntec becos the toilets there are quieter, and we can relief ourselves before the actual run. Arriving at the floating platform, the baggage counter is easy to find and well organised. That made us look forward to a well organised race. We decided to consolidate our belongings and deposit just one bag, with Dear2’s race tag. That’s becos the ladies participants are lesser in number and hence we can expect a shorter queue when we collect our baggage after the race. Now, on to the race! The start point is quite a distance away though, so we spent the next 10mins slowly making our way there.

Beeeeeeeep! There goes the whistle/horn and off we go, keeping in mind our target of 1hr30mins. The first 3km or so was pretty smooth, although we were a bit on the slow side and many people overtook us. Actually, the NSF who were running the race irritated me quite a lot, becos they were running all over the place, recklessly overtaking people and squeezing through gaps between people. It can become quite frustrating when people brush pass u, rubbing their sweat on ur arms and finally end up right in front of u, disrupting ur pace.

Next came the dreaded Sheares bridge climb. Oh no… Dear1 and Dear2 has never trained for climbing before so this is the first time we’re running such a long distance uphill. Ok, brace ourselves and start running. It turns out that this is really a never ending bridge. Climb climb climb and yet there’s more to climb. After many many agonizing minutes, we were finally on top. But there’s yet another challenge, the sloping road surface. In the direction that we’re running, the left side of the road is significantly higher than the right side of the road, probably due to the road design to counteract the outward centripetal force of the turning cars on the curved sections of the bridge. But this slope turns out to be bads news for Dear1. I think due to some mismatch in my running posture with regards to the sloping, my right foot was aching badly by the time we descended the bridge.

Dear2 was also feeling tired from the bridge climb and so we sought the next water point where we could take a short break. At around 7km+, we found that water point. Surprisingly, there’s no water point on the bridge. But on hindsight, this turns out to be a logical decision. Since it was a major road, the event organizer would want to open it up ASAP. Without water points, no time would be waste to clean up the road before opening it up again. That’s my guess. Anyway, checking our stopwatch, it’s 1hr02min. If we assume a consistent pace throughout, based on our target, we should be passing the 7km mark at 52min30sec. Oh no… we werer late, but really tired. So we continued walking for a short while and only picked up running around 8km+.

But Dear1 started to feel cramps coming up on the calves, probably rested for too long. After around 1km or so, we stopped at another water point to relax the muscles Feeling better, we picked up running again around 9km+. At this time, Dear2 is in good condition and decided to give it her all for the rest of the distance. And so Dear2 widen her steps and started overtaking runner after runner in front of her. Dear1 thought that the pace was a little bit too fast to sustain for the remaining distance, but after a while of keeping up, also felt that the pace is sustainable. Hence, from that moment, we started to challenge ourselves to maintain the faster pace, overtake many people and finish the race in good time.

The final stretch was mentally straining. Having looked at distance markers after distance markers, we knew we were getting nearer but yet still far away. Probably it’s a mental thing, but the distances just seemed longer and longer. Turning into Raffles Ave (I hope I got the road name right), with the floating platform on our left, we saw the ‘Finish’ arch. So happy. Mustering our tired legs, we pressed on towards the finish line. Suddenly, there’s a sign that pointed us to the left, into the floating platform! Urgh… With the finish line in sight, it turns out that it wasn’t our finish line. But our finish line couldn’t be that far away right? It must be just round the next corner. One left turn and one right turn later, running between the performing platform and seating gallery, we saw our finish line, less than 50 metres ahead. Picking up our pace, we aligned ourselves side by side and crossed the ChampionChip mat under the finishers’ arch together. Good run, Dear2!

Our time turns out to be 1hr40mins, 10mins shy of our target timing. This goes to show that we’re not training enough and in our current condition, we’re still a far reach from the 42km this year end. Let’s work hard together towards the year end run dear. 3 more months and counting.


Epilogue: We’re currently watching the anime series “Hajime no Ippo”. In one of the episodes when Miyata is about to face Jimmy Sisfer in Thailand, Chana asked him, “Why do you box?” “Is boxing fun?” On a similar note, we ask ourselves,

“Why do we run?”

“Is running fun?”


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