Life’s Like That

As I walked around in the empty house, waiting for Dear to reach home from a day’s work, I gazed at the flats opposite mine and wondered silently: What do people look forward to at the end of the day’s work?  Why do people work?

Life’s like that, you work (hard) to satisfy the pleasures of life. For the less comfy ones, you work (hard) simply to keep life going. Ultimately, all of us need to work because we are in a real world.  Funny though, it seemed like simple facts, yet so hard to swallow that we are all the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not demoralised, just lamenting aloud that ultimately, I am choosing a common path. Yep, having been brought up in this society this way, we remain unable to extend our wings; we remain caged in the same one world.

But don’t you worry, this one world can still be an interesting playground, your spouse, your family, your friends, colleagues, everyone around you can be interesting.  In fact, the world has constantly been revolving, just that you have not joined in the revolution.  Time to ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile’.

Yep, Dear2 is back.  Running away is no courage.  Avoiding only dis-illusionize yourself.  To confront and conquer is the winner.

Are you your own champion?

– Dear2

Ps: To share, and to be shared with.  A wonderful world.


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