Shape Run 2007 in 1hr18min

Last Sunday, Dear2 participated in the Shape Run. Since it was a women only event, I couldn’t run together with my dear. Actually, I had wanted to, but on reading the race etiquette that came with the race pack, it specifically say that “No men allowed.” So that means I cannot run with my dear. Nevertheless, on the morning of the run, I still dressed in jogging gear, hoping that many 老公(s) like myself would also be thinking of running together and I can also mix into the crowd. But wrong again, at the start point, all the 老公(s) were waiting on the sidelines and the Shape Run truly was a women only run.

Anyway, my purpose of the day was to support Dear2 and that was what I intend to do. The distance is 10km and Dear2 estimated that she’ll be returning around 1hr20mins. Just to be on the safe side, I started waiting for Dear2 from the 30mins mark. Many runners ran past but still no sign of Dear2. The time was already 8.15am and the sun is quite hot by now. Where is Dear2? And all of a sudden, I spotted Dear2 in a distance. I waved at Dear2 but she was too tired to respond eventhough she saw me. I quickly ran alongside Dear2 and ran the last 150 metres together. Dear2 completed 10km in 1hr18min. Wow! This is the first time Dear2 took part in an event alone and she set a new record for our per km timing. So proud of my dear. Gee…

After that, we went to collect the free Vitagen and goodie bag. The queue system was rather well thought out. Although the queue was long, it was moving quite swiftly. Within minutes, we got our vitagen. Next, we moved to the Marina Square atrium to collect the goodie bag. It was a little far away, could have been better if its at the same location as the end point of the race. But the good thing about Marina Square is that there is aircon. Haha… The queue is split into 2 collection counters, and again, the queue moved quite smoothly. Thumbs up for the good organization. The goodie bag is also surprisingly good, with lots of little bottles of product samples (facial, shampoo, toothpaste, etc) and quite a number of discount vouchers. The sling bag was quite nice as well if a little loud in colour, and there’s some food and drinks in there too, Pokari Sweat and Kellogs cornflakes, definitely one of the better endowed goodie bags thus far.

Later in the day, I went on my oen jogging training around our neighbourhood and this time, Dear2 was there to support me. We both really need to keep up with our training to prepare ourselves for the full marathon. Training is not only about building up and conditioning the body, but also to prevent injuries. I ran the same ~7km route that we first charted out 2 weeks ago, this time with timing. I complete the route in 53mins. From now onwards, we must start a little training booklet and keep track of all the training routes, distance and timings and races that we ran.



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