I want to eat Mooncakes

I like to eat mooncakes. And because they’re such seasonal products, we only get to eat mooncakes once a year for about a period of 1 month. All the more reason that we should eat as many mooncakes as we want during this season. If I’m not wrong, Mooncake Festival, or Mid Autumn Festival falls on 25 Sept 2007 this year, which is the 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar Calendar. That’s about 2 weeks from now.

For all those that have boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives, it’s the time of the year to make ur in-laws happy. Regardless of whether your other half remembers to buy a box of mooncakes for ur parents or not, u should make an effort to buy a box of mooncakes for ur own parents, and claim that it’s from ur other half. Haha… Yes, help ur other half score points! Then, u must remember to buy a box of mooncakes for ur other half’s parents too. OMG! That means u r spending twice the money. It’s okay. Firstly, it creates a good impression on both sides of the family. Second, such money can easily be recover by getting ur other half to pay for shopping trips for the coming weeks or so.

Now, what mooncakes to choose? Nowadays, there are so many flavours of mooncakes out there, really very hard to choose. I think the best way is to go out there and try out all the samples before deciding. Personally, I hate to eat small tiny little cuboids of mooncakes measuring 5mm by 5mm by 5mm. Can’t taste the mixture of flavours at all, it’s either all lotus paste, all yolk or all skin, what’s the point? I prefer shops that generously offers 1/16 of a mooncake as samples. Either can cut it into 8’s then slice horizontally across, or simply cut into 16’s. Flavoured mooncakes, to me, are more for personal appreciation, meaning for me to eat. As gifts, I think it is better to go for traditional flavours, maybe 1 plain lotus, 2 single yolk, and maybe 1 double yolk or random. Also, the outlook becomes important since it’s a gift. That’s why many hotels’ mooncake boxes look that nice, but they’re expensive too. As gifts, maybe it isn’t so suitable to get from a neighbourhood confectionary, eventhough they’re cheap and taste great too. Try getting something more reputable so that the receipent goes, “Wow!”, rather than “Huh?”.

I like to eat mooncakes with yolks, double yolks the best. And I like the skin slightly charred, lotus paste not too sweet. But I dun really like the gua-zi inside. The snow skin mooncakes are also fine with me but I tend to get sick of them after say 3 to 4 wholes. Hmm… Generally, I like my mooncakes cut into 8’s and I tend to finish an entire mooncake in one sitting. While watching tv at night, I think I can easily gobble up 2 to 3 mooncakes. As such, I think I better stick with eating the cheaper varieties of mooncakes rather than those Sharks’ Fin or Birds’ Nest mooncakes. Haha…

I think prices should be peaking right now being so near to the actual day. I like to eat mooncakes, they happen once a year, and they’re so expensive before the actual day. On the eve or the eve’s eve, things start to get cheap and it’s the best time to buy in. But then, the freshness also start decreasing. After the eve, the shop no longer makes mooncakes and those still being sold are probably leftovers, while the price continues to fall. Such is the dilemma, quality and price are tradeoffs. So far, my mooncake count this year is 3, I want to eat more.



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