Our Tefal Oven

Yeah… we’ve finally bought our baking oven. Yes, this oven will be used for baking bread, cookies, cakes and whatever else that needed baking. The oven we bought is the Tefal Activys OV100030 going at $199 from Best Denki for the Hari Raya special, usual price $299.

There are a few reasons why we chose this oven. Firstly, we’ve always been looking for ovens that have more than the standard 2 heating coils on top. This oven has 4 heating coils on top and this means that it cooks better and provides more evenly distributed heat. The second good thing is that it comes with 4 heating coils on the bottom as well. Most ovens that have 4 coils on top tend to have only 2 coils below, which might result in the top being more cooked than the bottom. Thirdly, the heating coils on this oven is bend-able, so it is easy to clean. Not to mention it has self cleaning wall functions, meaning that we just have to preheat the oven and the oil stains on the walls will soften and become easier to wipe off with paper towel. It also comes with the rotisserie to grill a chicken or perhaps just some chicken wings.

The capacity is 26 litres, which makes it quite value for money. But the thing is, when we brought the oven home and unpack it, we realises that it is in fact rather big in size. Placing is beside the fridge on our dry kitchen top will take up almost 1/3 of the table space, not such a good idea. So instead, we place the oven on the washing machine. Haha… Laundry and food so close to each other, have to be extra careful when dealing with food from now on. The top of the front load washing machine is meant for placing a dryer, so I’m sure that it can withstand the weight of a small little oven. But to protect the washing from the heat of the oven, I think we’ll get a corkboard from the bookshop and place it between the bottom of the oven and the top of the washing machine.

I suppose one of the features that this oven is lacking is the internal blowing fan which is suppose to circulate the air and make the food cook better and tastier. Also, there’s not vapour action in this oven which might mean that our food will be less juicy and tender. But then, we’re just beginners when it comes to these baking and grilling stuff so I think this is a great entry oven for us. Once we know the inside outs of baking and grilling, then we’ll know exactly what kind of oven we need, and then we’ll get a really good one that suits all our criteria.

One odd thing that I’ve discovered is that, searching for this model of oven on the internet yields ‘No English results’. Hmm… So many it’s a product made for some other specific markets. But the saleslady told us that this is a new product from Tefal and that this is an introductory offer promotion. Well, this is not the first time I’ve encountered an item that cannot be found from an English speaking country. Anyway, as long as the quality control is well done, it doesn’t really matter if this oven is a parallel import or not. There’s a one year warranty so that’s good enough for us. Oh, and by the way, this oven is manufactured in China.



23 thoughts on “Our Tefal Oven

  1. Hi Lee,

    Recently have been a bit busy, so haven gotten down to baking cakes yet. So far, have only done some simple cooking like baking instant pizza and making grilled hotdogs for breakfast. Will write a cake and pastry review once we’ve actually bake it. :D


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  3. Hi sy,

    We’ve used it to bake muffins and cookies, and roast some chicken wings. All tasted great! :D Check out our baking muffins post by following the link in comment #4 above. Definitely worth the price.


  4. To whom it concern,
    My tefal oven has been giving me some problem, where can
    i ask for repair my oven,
    could you please give me the number whom i can speak to.
    Thank you.

  5. To whom it may concern

    My tefal oven has been out of order for some time and I do not
    know where to get it repaired. Could you please help me with
    a person who can repair this oven.
    Thank you

  6. Hey Lena,

    If u happen to read this post again, I have good news for u. Although I dunno where u can get ur oven repaired, but I saw that Harvey Norman is selling this same oven at a promotional price for the Hari Raya holidays. Perhaps u can check it out and get a new oven or ask the customer service about the repairs. Cheers.


  7. Hi
    I am using tefal activays too..but i got a problem..mine cakes always get burnt on top and in cooked inside..haiz..dunno is it too hot the temp..i already use 140deg when receipe state 180..how u manage to bake ur cakes nicely??

  8. Hi annie,

    I’ll try to answer ur question eventhough I’m a terrible baker as well. What I learnt from the Tefal baking class is that our oven is considered on the larger side, so the chef actually recommended setting the temperature to 20 degrees C *higher* than whatever is stated in the recipe book. As for the charring top, u can try setting the tray to a lower level, say second from bottom. Hope this helps.


  9. Hi all
    For those looking for the repair centre, the warranty card states the customer care service centre is at Richland Business Centre
    11 Bedok NorthAve 4, level 4M

    tel 6220 3862

    My son bakes chocolate chip cookies with this oven and they turn out very well. Need to turn the tray occasionaly while baking so that the heat is evenly distributed.

    Am looking for another shelf so that can bake 2 trays at a time.

    Where is the Tefal baking class that you attend? Is it through Hrvey Norman?

  10. Hi ChocoFan,

    Thanks for the great info!

    Regarding the cooking class, it’s definitely not from HN. I’m suspecting that it’s a private cooking class conducted by freelance promoters from Tefal… I’m not exactly sure though. But you can find the cooking class at OG@Orchard. They’re at the top level where all the beddings and cooking wares are sold. It’s in one of the activity rooms in a corner. Normally, the classes are held about once a month and they cover a wide range of food, such as cakes, cookies, desserts, chinese cooking, steam fish, etc… There should be a lesson schedule pasted just outside the activity room, perhaps u can go down to take a look. :)


  11. Hi again again…

    realised my first message wasn’t posted.

    Just wanted to tell you that there is additional 3 months warranty if you register online at: *delete*


  12. Hi Teri,

    Yup, our roasting stick came with 2 of the hook thing, very useful indeed. As for the website, I’ll remove it as it doesn’t seem to have any additional and reliable information on it.


  13. Hi ALL
    the customer service has nw been changed to 40 Jalan Perminpin, #03-05A Tat Ann Bldg. Tel 6356 6657
    No longer at Bedok.
    Harvey Norman has the details.

    I bought an additional shelf so as to be to bake two trays of cookies concurrently.

    Does anyone have a good recepie for sponge chocolate cake with chocolate covering?

  14. Hi ChocoFan,

    Mind telling me if you got the shelf from the Tefal service place? How much does it cost?

    Also, the cake that you’re describing… is it the LANA cake kinda chocolate cake?

  15. Hi Dear1 and Dear2,

    I just bought a Tefal Activys oven OV1002! Wanna find out what brand of roasting tray I can get to fit into the oven?

    Most of the roasting pans I can find are the wrong size – mostly too big. What would you recommend, from your experience?

    • Hi evon,

      Thanks for your comment. We’re not experts at cooking with the oven but we’ll try to help.

      I’m not too sure what is the roasting tray that you mentioned, but we normally just use the tray that came together with the oven when we’re roasting our chicken wings.

      My guess is, you can probably order a correct sized tray from the Tefal service centre, maybe you can give them a call? You can find the number above in comment #18 by ChocoFan. :)


  16. Just saw that Best Denki in Sengkang have free $10 KFC voucher if buy the Turbo Fan Tefal @ $299. This may be the new version of model 572325.

    Hi Dear1, care to let me know so far are you still satisfied with the oven…been looking for one. Initially thought to get a combination of Microwave and Conventional oven in one but seems that this is not encourage…any advice?

    • Hi daish,

      Yup, the Turbo Fan version is more expensive becos it comes with a fan inside, great for roasting chicken!

      So far, no complains about the oven, it served us well for our limited usage. Microwave is great for quick heating, but I think a conventional oven is still better for baking and roasting. Combination ones can’t do a good job in the ‘conventional oven’ role, I think.


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