An apple green sofa bed

Yeah… We have our sofa bed. Hohohoho… It has really been a long while since we started shopping for a sofa bed, and now we finally bought it. It is apple green in colour, 3 seater sofa, opens up to be somewhere between a super single and a queen size bed, sleeping 2 people shouldn’t be a problem. Well, actually we bought it a month ago, just that I haven’t gotten down to writing it here. Hehe…

After months of desperate search for a sofa bed, we finally bought ours for $400 (included Gst and delivery) at K & D Furniture Trading, their warehouse showroom somewhere in Kaki Bukit. We were introduced to this company by a friend, and it turns out that their selection of furniture was not bad, and in fact a little bit unique, not the everyday furniture you see at local neighbourhood shops. But still, their goods come from China, so dun expect European quality. Not to mention we received a small discount by virtue that we were recommended by a friend. Yeah…

We’ve been to quite a few places to search for a sofa bed, but nothing really comes close. Not Ikea, Courts, Harvey Norman, IMM, Seahorse, etc… What was rather surprising about this shop that we bought our sofa bed from was that they had lots and lots sofa beds to choose from, easily more than 20 varieties. But only 2 were on display, the rest were in the catalog. Our was chosen from the catalog.

The sofa bed is currently in our study room. One of the main purpose of this sofa bed is to act as a sleeping place for guest, or simply a guest bed. But when there are no guests, it can be folded up into a sofa setting and save space in the study room. Now, who are the guests that we’re expecting? Well, maybe our relatives might want to stay over for a night (however unlikely that may sound). But mainly, its for our friends who we invite over for overnight mahjong, or movie marathon or gaming.

Eventhough I mentioned folding it into sofa mode to save space, I’m now thinking of leaving it permanently in bed mode. Haha… Why? Because it just feels great knowing that there’s a bed in the study room as well. This way, I can walk around the house, take a nap in the master bedroom, relax on the living room sofa, or I can walk to the study room and lie down on the sofa bed. Sounds really cosy and relaxing ya? Alright, I shall do just that.



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