Finding a beautiful seat on the bus

I dunno if many of you have encountered this before but… imagine this situation. You’ve just boarded a relatively crowded bus during rush hour (be it morning or evening). There are only 2 seats left on the bus, both sharing with a stranger beside. Now, there are some differences. The stranger next to the left seat is a beautiful young lady, slim, neatly dressed and lawfully occupying only her own half of the twin seat. The stranger next to the right seat is a grumpy old man, messy hair, overly tanned, stained clothes and has one leg occupying half the empty seat. Now if you are a girl, which seat will you choose? And if you are a boy?

I think the answer is straightforward. It doesn’t matter which gender the observer is, he/she will most definitely choose the seat next to the girl. Why? Here are some reasons.

  • There is a full seat next to the girl but only half a seat next to the guy.
  • Even if the guy’s leg isn’t stretching over the empty seat, girls are still generally of a smaller build than guys, so there will be more ‘space’ if you choose to sit next to the girl.
  • It will make the whole bus ride more pleasant knowing there are ‘nice’ people/things around you. The environment *does* affect one’s mood.
  • At least you know girls normally dun emit odours.

As a result, pleasant looking girls will always find themselves having to share the bus seat with someone because they are simply too difficult to resist. Guys on the other hand will find themselves hogging both seats to themselves, especially if they are big sized, like to spread their legs over the empty seat, radiates odours/sweat, looks untidy. But of course, a handsome looking guy or a cute boy boy will probably suffer the same fate as the pretty girl; similarly, a seriously overweight girl that occupies one and a half seat or fierce looking lady will find themselves having both of the bus seats.

You realize that all I’m talking about here is exterior looks. Or rather, the image that you portray to others on a daily basis. First impression does count and very often you only have 2 seconds to make a first impression, with or without trying. Not judging a book by its cover is very difficult to achieve in practice. A pleasant looking person, guy or girl, really does have an advantage when dealing with people or events, so it becomes really important to look good everyday. Of course, once you have been attracted by the good image of the person, you would want to pry deeper to know his/her personality. If the pleasant girl you chose to sit next to on the bus suddenly fishes out her handphone and start blasting music like nobody’s business on the bus, then it is likely you would start regretting your decision to sit there.

You are now sitting on a bus. The person boarding the bus is an opportunity, an opportunity seeking a door to enter. You and the empty seat beside is a door. Everyone else has their own door. But who’s door is the most attractive? Who’s door makes the greatest impact in that 2 seconds? The opportunity will walk towards that door. Then and only then, that the host has a chance to demonstrate that he is not only all looks, but also full of substance.



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