Cotten quilt for cuddling under

Hohohoho… It’s the winter season in the northern hemisphere. For Singapore, at least, the weather is getting a little rainier and cooler. It looks like a great time to invest in a quilt!

Looking back, we’ve been hesitating on whether to buy a quilt cover or not. And then we finally bought it. But remember, it’s only the cover. And that’s exactly how we’ve been keeping ourselves warm for the past few months. To tell the truth, it’s actually quite warm and cosy just under the quilt cover, without any quilt in it. So we were rather satisfied.  Of course there are some discomfort, such as the lack of weight. The quilt cover on its own is just a piece of cloth. So sometimes you get the feeling that you aren’t really sufficiently covered around the whole body. There are these empty spaces caused by the quilt cover bridging across from my raised shoulderd to Dear2’s shoulder. It’s kinda like the blanket doesn’t provide enough ‘sense of security’.

So a few weeks back, while we were casually shopping in Causeway Point, a bright 40% off signage outside and Aussino outlet caught our eyes. Hehe… We went in, initially wanting to get some cheap bath towels or the like, but 40% off a cotton quilt from Aussino is just too hard to resist. The original price was $89 (iirc), after discount we’re only paying around $50 for a king sized cotton quilt from Aussino, good deal! The quilt is cheaper than the cover, so we bought it. Yay!

It did not disappointment. Nowadays, we sleep so well, falling asleep earlier than usual and refusing to get up in the morning. Haha… It’s cosy without becoming exceedingly hot. But that’s considering the cooler weather this late in the year. I sure would like to find out if I can still tuck myself under the quilt during the hot April and May. The quilt also added weight and provided the security and added cosy-ness that feels like someone is hugging you to sleep. This cosy feeling also enticed me to cuddle my dear a bit more because it is just so cosy under the covers.

There are some drawbacks though. Again, it is the weight. It’s really heavy and Dear2 have difficulties pulling the quilt into position if she is using only 1 hand. Also, the quilt tends to slide off the bed due to gravity and quite frequently touches the floor, and it really takes some strength to pull the quilt back up from an awkward lying downing and half asleep position. And if on some nights, one person ‘rolls up’ too much of the quilt, the other person will be left with insufficient quilt area and it can be quite difficult to retrieve the robbed sections because everything is just so big and fluffy and volumious and heavy. >.<

No need to fight for the quilt my dear. You take your corner, I take my corner. If not enuff quilt, just pull, ok? We sleep closer a bit, surely got enuff quilt one. Pillow and bolster never cover nevermind. Gee…



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