Our first marathon in 7.5hrs

Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 is over last weekend. Dear1 and Dear2 participated in the full 42.195km and we completed it together. Phew! What a journey it was. And I’ve always thought that going out shopping one whole day from 12pm to 7pm on a weekend was tiring. The results of the run were out. It’s official, results are out, we covered the full marathon, running and walking with our very tired legs for 7.5 hours.

I remember telling myself before the run, “Dun worry. If I run out of stamina, I’ll just walk the rest of the way back and cross the finish line.” It turns out that things aren’t as easy as it seems. Even walking back is a great challenge by itself, and I’m glad we have each other for support and for encouragement all the way to the end. For people out there who say, “I’ll *just* walk all the way back.”, you’ll appreciate this statement even more when you join this event next year.

Let’s do a short recap of all the events leading up to our first ever full marathon.

  1. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006 – Remember this post from last year? Our first ever running event and we ambitiously challenged the half marathon. With hard training starting 3 months before the actual event, we overcomed it. Also, for the first time, we experience what it feels like to be in an actual running event. We started thinking about challenging the big one…
  2. Saucony Passion Run 2007 – We set running at least once a week as our 2007 New Year Resolution in preparation for our intended full marathon this year. However, as with all resolutions, we didn’t start running until a wake up call came along. We participated in the 5km run and very quickly ran out of breadth. We were in very bad shape.
  3. Mizuno Wave Run 2007 – Gathering ourselves, we make more effort to have regular jogging sessions and felt ready to give it our best for the 10km run here. But weather was against us and we were unable to complete the run. Oh no, it’s already July and we’re still struggling.
  4. Singapore Bay Run 2007 – We had initially wanted to run the half marathon in this event prepare for the full marathon, but in the end took part in the 12km run instead. Luckily we did. Clearly we didn’t have sufficient training to tackle the half marathon yet. We completed the 12km in ‘ok’ time, it was a good morale booster.
  5. Shape Run 2007 – This is a ladies only event, so only Dear2 took part. And Dear2 was in sensation form that day, coming back in record times, both her personal best and our jointed best. This run really inspired me to work even harder. We are ready to take our training one step further.
  6. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 – And here we are.

Where shall we go from here? We can continue to participate in the annual marathons and try to out do ourselves. Or there’s another idea that I’ve been thinking of, that is to travel overseas to challenge marathon courses around the world. Why not?

Good run my dear. Muck!



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