Movies during the holiday season

Dear1 and Dear2 have been watching quite a few movies these few weeks. Quite a few by our standards since we aren’t really movie go-ers and its quite rare for us to watch more than 1 movie every month. But within the last 2 weeks or so, we’ve caught 3 movies, 2 of which we used our Eng Wah movie pass which we bought for $5 per ticket some 8-10 months ago and 1 free movie complimentary from working associates.

Something I realized from these movies are that, holiday movies are really quite meaningless. Their plot tends to be rather thin and focus more on light hearted comedy aimed at creating a holiday mood. And the main factor that drives people to watch these movies are really a happy holiday spending mentality that is more likely to reply “Why not?” when considering whether to watch a movie. Movie go-ers also tend to be more forgiving when it comes to plotline loopholes and sub-par special effects and so on. So these movies really are tapping on consumers’ good mood and cashing in on some lucrative year end bonus spendings. Not that the movies are of poor quality, in fact some are quite entertaining and does indeed infuse a feel-good factor when you leave the theater. Let’s do a quick recap of dear1 and dear2’s movie spree.


Nice! A good mix of good old Disney style cartoon and new shading technology. Great costumes in the live action part of the movie too. Story is simply but the scenes are quite cinematic. There’s quite a good dose of humour in the movie and I find myself laughing away heartily after a relative slow start. Maybe my only complain is the ending when the witch turns into a dragon. It’s just a little overly fantasy-like, spoiling the balance demonstrated throughout the film. For example, singing and calling pigeons, rats and cockroaches to help out in the housework is a nice blend of fairytale and city life. But a dragon crashing out of the a ballroom window is definitely not. Still, it’s a movie that I didn’t regret going to the big screen for. 4 out of 5 popcorns.

Fred Claus

Well… Santa Claus runs a toy making and delivery business and is subjected a regular compliant checks from the relevent authorities. Fair enough. Santa’s elder brother, who is on bad terms with Santa, arrives at the North Pole for a reunion but ended up jeopardizing the whole Christmas. Santa breaks down from stress and it’s up to Fred to save Christmas. Fair story. Again, there’s a nice mix of clockwork and crystal ball technology with the latest in LCD monitors and NASA style operations headquarters. I really liked how they portray Santa’s flying sleigh as a turbulent jet-like supersonic open-canopy flying machine. The ending is highly predictable but that’s the ending everyone hoped to see anyway. Humour is ok but can get a little old and overused sometimes. The flow of the movie isn’t really quite smooth and I feel some scenes seemed a bit forced and out of place. For me, this movie is just o-kay. 3 out of 5 popcorns.

Mr Macgorium’s Wonder Emporium

This is the free movie we went to. Luckily it’s free. I would have regretted it very much if I needed to pay for this. Plot summary? I dun even know how to summarize its lack of any apparent plot. Ok, let’s try. Mr Macgorium has decided that he wants to leave (die), so he passes his emporium to his shop assistant, Mahoney. Mahoney doesn’t want Macgorium to die, refuses to take over the shop, but eventually still does and creates the magical emporium. I thought the story began well but it got all so draggy towards mid movie. And just when Mahoney seemed to have rediscovered his talent, the show ends abruptly. Hmm… Plot, pacing and storytelling, fail. Special effects, good enough since realism is not a criteria here. Humour, erm… I dun even remember laughing. Touching scenes, none for me. The worst part of the movie for me is really the ending. At the very end of the movie, when the mood is finally building up and I anticipate it’s the start of a climatic final third of the show, the credits start to scroll. Luckily it’s free. 1.5 out of 5 popcorns.

And there you have it, our holiday movies escapade. Merry Christmas. Hohohoho…



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