Dear1 Dear2: Ace Attorney


I dunno how to embed the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS) flash game demo onto this blog! I think it cannot be done…

Hold it!

Here’s the website: so readers can still play this exciting demo before getting the actual game.

Of late, Dear1 and Dear2 have been playing lots and lots of DS, even more so after Dear2’s brother got her a pink DS for her birthday. So now, Dear1 has a black DS and Dear2 has a pink DS, and we can play multiplayer DS games with each other. Yeah…

However, we become hooked on this series of games that does not support multiplayer. The 3 games in the series are Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, the story flow in that order. We’re currently still at the 3rd case of the 2nd game. These games are originally released for the GBA and ported to DS so they lacked dedicated DS designs such as the use of stylus (except PW1 case 5 which serves as a proof of concept of what the game will be capable as a true DS game). However, there’s a new game in the series coming up, tracking the stories of a new defence attorney, Apollo Justice, designed for the DS. The demo in the link above is the online flash demo for this new game.

The series is quite really quite interesting. The player, as Phoenix Wright, goes through each case, investigating, finding evidence and finally defending your client in court by cross-examining witnesses, spotting lies and contradictions and presenting evidence to prove your client’s innocence. At least, that’s a really simple way of describing it.

I think the real attraction of the game is its story, slowing unfolding as u visit the crime scene, talk to witnesses and fighting it out in court. The strong sense of suspense of the story telling keeps me playing, eager to find out the next twist in the story, never knowing the real murderer until the last moment. Even if it becomes obvious who the murderer is, there’s still the task of proving it in court and getting defendant acquainted.

The overall story sometimes are related through several cases and characters introduced earlier reappear to help you, or for some other reasons get implicated in later cases. This make me as a gamer get attached to some of the characters and really add to the effectiveness of the story telling.

Looking at this game from another angle, it’s really a story telling game. It’s somewhat akin to reading a booking, just that the reader is much more involved in the development of the story. Another thing that I really liked about this series is that it teaches the player some basic things about the legal system, for example how contradictions are argued in court, how the process of cross examination is conducted, what kind of evidences can be presented in court, etc. Of course, these may be different from real life and different geographically, but it is still some basic exposure to people who have no idea at all.

Dear1 and Dear2 plays the same game individuals on separate DS’s and help each other out when one gets stucked. Haha… So after the past 2 weeks of Hold it! Take that! and Objections!, I’m proud to declare Dear1 and Dear2 as Ace Attorney in couple disagreements. :D Gee…



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