Major wedding events confirmed

Wedding date confirmed – Free

Wedding venue confirmed – $3000 deposit

Wedding Photo Shoot + Bridal Studio confirmed – $2988 (excluding GST) paid in full by installments

Yeah, things are really falling into place now. This time round, while sourcing for our wedding packages, we did not visit as many places as we did for our renovation. In fact, the photoshoot (PS) and bridal studio (BS) deal was the first and only one we visit, and we confirmed them. Partly becos their service is good, we feel comfortable communicating with them and it was a recommendation from Dear2’s cousin. I think sometimes, it is not necessary to get the best of the best deal out there on the market. Anything reasonably price with good service is sufficient. This cuts down valuable time wasted traveling all over the island to hunt down the best deal.

Now that the major events are booked, we need to get down to the details. For this, we’ve come up with a list of things to prepare and do. The list is a combined research from wedding magazines, wedding forums, experiences from married relative and friends, and some personal thoughts. It’s not exhaustive, but at least it helps us get settled and organised.

A big component of the preparing for a wedding is the finances. While the bulk of the banquet payment can be made after collecting the ang baos on our wedding day, the deposit itself is no small sum. And not to mention that we, the couple, do not get to keep all the ang bao monies from the banquet night. We need to come to an arrangement in a 6-party-talk. The 6 parties are, both of us, Dear1’s parents and Dear2’s parents. There must be some agreement as to how many tables are a ‘gift’ to the bride’s family, who pays for the remaining tables, who keeps the ang baos? Chances are that relatives give their ang bao directly to the elders, while friends put their ang baos in those sweet looking ang bao boxes at the sign in counter. It might be a bit of awkwardness if we need to retrieve those ang baos from our parents to pay for the banquet. After all, some great grand uncle who used to bring my father out to movies with he was a child might give a $1000 big ang bao just for his favourite nephew, my dad. This kind of things can be tricky.

Now, moving on to the PS and BS. Back when we were sourcing for renovations, we make it a point to never pay the amount in full so that if there is any dissatisfaction, we can still get a discount off the final payment. I think this completely slipped our minds this time round as we paid the BS and PS package in full. The hasty decision to pay in full is becos we wanted to capitalize on the 0% 12 month installment plan. After all, it’s always beneficial to take a interest free loan. Increase our total assets and make better use of it. Even putting that sum of money in a savings account will at least earn us some miserable interest of 1 year right? But of course, there are better investment instruments. Anyway, renovation is a big expense, in the magnitude of $20-30k but this BS+PS package is only $3k, even if we need to bargain for discounts at the end, I dun think it’ll be significant, I’ll rather ask for more free gifts than haggling over the price.

Still lots of things more to do. 6 months to wedding. Time to start dieting.



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