KBox KLunch

KBox is the name of a karaoke service provider here in Singapore. And KLunch is one of their lunch promotion that includes 3 hours of singing, 1 bento lunch set and 1 drink. The catch is you have to ‘check in’ between 11am to 2pm, so if you check in at 1pm, you get to sing until 4pm. The good thing about this deal is that it is available every single day, yes including Saturdays and Sunday. And it’s pretty cheap too! If I remember correctly, it’s $10+++ per head. Just last weekend, Dear1 and Dear2 went for one of our regular karaoke sessions and paid $27 total for 3 hours of food, drinks and songs. Gee…

I enjoyed going to karaoke with Dear2. I really like Dear2’s voice and really enjoyed Dear2’s singing. But sadly, I can’t really sing that well. More often than not, Dear2 can’t even guess the song I’m humming, and it’s not because she doesn’t know the song. =( But I still like going to sing with my dear, and just to sing that few songs that I know my voice range can handle.

As for the lunch set, Dear2 dun like it too much, so most of the time, she’ll just eat slight more than half of it and I’ll finish the rest, which is an excellent arrangement in my opinion. Firstly, I like to eat (yum yum yum) so I dun mind eating my dear’s share of the lunch set (hehehe…). Secondly, I dun need to put my horrible singing to the mic during the time I’m eating (and I will try to eat as slowly as I can). Thirdly, I get to listen to more of Dear2’s great singing. See! So many plus points. Gee…

I sure hope this KLunch thing is here to stay, otherwise it’ll really burn a hole in our pockets visit these karaoke places. The reason it is so cheap is because of the awkward timing. I dun think many ppl wants to sing in the morning and around lunchtime, which is why they need to lower the price to attract more customers during this kind of down-times. We dun really mind the timing that much. It’s more of enjoying singing with each other at a value for money pricetag. If I’m not wrong, the price is $25+++ on weekend nights after 7pm and *without* a dinner set! See the difference!

Sometimes, I just so happy that I found Dear2. That we have a common understanding on the ways we want to spend our money, our time, and to make the most out of a simple and happy lifestyle. Thank you dear dear.



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