Discount Marketing

Ah Choo… And I reached for a tissue paper to wipe my nose.  It’s a Fairprice tissue box – theoretically speaking, a tisssue ‘plastic’ box in fact.  Looking around our house, we tend to have a few NTUC products, mostly daily household daily use and not the food produce.

Buying from household brands tends to have some very slight savings.  Add that up with the monthly or weekly offers by the supermarkets, one can achieve about $1 savings for every $20 spent.  How do we know that? That’s because Dear1 and Dear2 only spends about slightly more than $20 shopping in NTUC every time – so that we can earn points on our Passion Card of which you only earn points in at least $20 purchase on a daily basis.  And since Dear1 and Dear2 only buys essentials when there is a sale – the Dove and PeelFresh is never purchased at normal ‘no discount’ price.

Call us stingy or miser, but that $1 per $20 saves you at least 5% everytime!  And any house man/woman can tell you that it is those daily essentials like your shampoo and coffee powder that drains your money the fastest way due to the high frequency that you gotto replenish them.

Shopping on discounts may not be easy or convenient, but all it takes is that extra effort to buy when the item you need is on sale.  Of course, there are times when the item you need is hardly on sale, but once it does, you know that you can stock some up and have some savings there.  The most satisfying thing is, you are getting the same product at cheaper prices.  Woolah!

所谓 积少成多。 A little effort results in much savings.

– Dear2

Ps:  Take note of product expiry date though, you wouldn’t want to get a cheaper item but with expiry date stamped tomorrow.


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