Men’s shirts can be so expensive

I have never been much of a shirt person up till now so I don’t really keep track of the prices of men’s shirt. Let’s think back, when did I ever wear men’s shirt…

The first time I could think of is for a secondary school alumni dinner. At that time, I have zero shirts and zero pants and I ended up having to borrow them. I remember borrowing a shirt from my dad, but not the pants because I was quite thin back then and my dad’s pants wasn’t. I borrowed the pants from another friend, I think.

The next was my JC prom dinner which I attended with Dear2! Yes, we were already an item then. :D Muck! Naturally, I was quite excited about my first ever (and probably last ever prom), and I remembered asking for $100 costume allowance from my mum since I was still a poor school kid. Eventually, I bought a deep blue shirt from a shop called V.I.P from Westmall, and a pair of black pants from Bossini.

Since then, my parents start noticing my so-called growing up and my need for men’s shirts, so they start buying some for me when they went shopping. I’m fine with it I guess, partly becos I dun have to spend any money on them. Anyway, I was going to spend 2 yrs and 4 mths in the army next and there wasn’t really any occasions. Maybe there was… The BMT passing out dinner. Why do they call it passing out? Sounded like I fainted or something. The other thing that started happening was wedding dinners. Apparently, all my cousins and about the wedding age and there was an onslaught of wedding dinners to attend and I got to try out all the new shirts that my parents bought. And there’s Chinese New Year visitings too.

I guess the next time I needed shirts was when I did my vacation internship program during my 2nd year of uni. So it’s my first office desk bound working experience and I had to wear shirt and pants to work everyday. It was then that I realized I have no short sleeve shirts, but I like folding up my long sleeves anyway, I liked the folded sleeves look. Of course, during my uni days, there were lots of opportunities to wear shirts, lots of presentations to do. And I also joined the student’s engineering club which gave me yet more opportunities to wear my shirts. And then there was my second vacation internship program with a different company.

Oh, a significant development was the fact that I not only needed shirts, but a coat as well. That was during my engineering club’s year end dinner. So as I was to purchase my first coat, my dad accompanied me to get a cheap off the shelf shirt from OG at Specialists Centre (now demolished) at Orchard Rd. Again, I didn’t have to pay for it. :P I got to wear my coat twice because I was in engineering club for 2 years. Other than that, it’s sitting quietly in my cupboard. My dad used it a few times too, for holiday trips to cold places, functions and so on.

My uni days was also the time I starting getting casual shirts, and I bought 3, I think. A grey beach printed one from Tom & Stephanie at Westmall, a dark blue checkered on from some shopping centre in Orchard and a light coloured one with a few strips from Malacca. Dear2 bought one for me too, during my army days, a grey Fubu shirt. It was young and trendy during that time, but I didn’t have a chance to wear it much, and it went out of fashion quite quickly too so I didn’t wear it after. And my friend gave me a pink Milk shirt for one of my birthdays, but it was a size too big so it’s still sitting in my cupboard. Maybe I can wear it now that I’m a little fatter. Huhuhu…

Next was our ROM of course. Dear2 and I went shopping for the right ROM attire for the both of us. We decided that our theme will be white and pink, so I was to get a white shirt and maybe dark pants. All my shirts so far were plain and I first started to look at textured shirts for my ROM. Wow, I just didn’t know there were so many types of textured materials. After much searching, I had my eyes on a vertical striped textured shirt and a matching dark pants from G2000. This shirt came with cuff links, my first. It was during a sale period so I got both pieces for around $80 if I remembered correctly.

Every now and then, my parents would still buy me some shirts when they go shopping, many of which I rejected becos of their fashion sense. Some of the shirts they choose look like those construction works will wear out in the yard! But there are some nice ones. One of which being a maroon vertical striped, quite trendy looking, slim cut shirt which I wore for Chinese New Year this year. It made me too slim and stylish, I like~ Gee…

In my line of work now, I dun need to wear shirts and that’s why I haven’t had any new additions, until last week that is.

Our wedding photo shoot is coming up and bridal packages *do not* include men’s shirts, so we have to get it ourselves. After the gown fitting session, the fashion stylist told us the shirts we need to get. Apparently, I needed 4 shirts, a cream one, a peach one, a blue one and a pink one. So last week, Dear2 and I went shopping for shirts for our photo shoot. It isn’t very easy to find becos first, we wanted something nice and with designs, which ruled out plain shirts. Second, we need 4, instead of just 1 for our ROM. We finally ended up at Robinsons at City Hall where there’s a sale going on. Luckily, we managed to spot 3 shirts to our liking, incidently, all textured vertical stripes! It was a cream Montagut shirt with mandarin collar @ $39.90 (UP$89.90), a pink normal collar one @ $49.90 (UP$109) and a blue also normal collar one also @ $49.90 (UP$109) both from Feraud. OMG! Luckily I bought them during sale time! I absolutely cannot believe the original price of men’s shirt can be hovering around the $100 mark. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never been attentive enough or I just didn’t have any need to buy them. Actually, I do know that men’s shirt can be expensive from the few times that I wandered into Zara. I actually tried on some of the Zara shirts and man do they look good. But their price looks bad, very very bad. But becos I didn’t actually buy them, so I guess the notion of expensive shirts never stayed in my mind. Until now that I’ve just paid $149.70 for my 3 shirts do I finally realize this feeling the pinch. Haha… but the shirts are really good, material is good, design is good, I liked them, and I’m going to look good in them for my wedding photos. Wuahaha… Oh no, am I going to develop a shirts fetish, I hope not. :P

That’s it for my shirt wearing history. Dress well and feel good, I guess that’s true.



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