Silver Wedding Shoes

Without further-a-do, here is Dear2’s wedding shoes!

Hunting for wedding shoes is not an easy task. Sometime I wonder, why is there such a big fuss over wedding shoes? Why is it that in every video montage about wedding, one of the scene will be dedicated to the wedding shoes? And why is it that wedding packages doesn’t come with shoes? -_-

After some time, I realized that one of the possible reasons may be, that wedding shoes just isn’t customizable, or alterable. Wedding dresses are always design with some leeway or at least some ingenious hidden secret that allows the designer to alter the dress to suit a variety of bride shapes. Shoes on the other hand, are more or less fixed to their design so nothing can be changed, so that’s why it has fallen upon the bride to seek her own pair of perfect shoes.

Then, why must it be silver? After asking our wedding make up artist/stylist, he replied that silver is the easier colour to match a gown, be it wedding gown or night gown. Quite true. And according to him, the added advantage of silver shoes is that it can be reused easily to match other types of clothes on a day to day basis so that it would be a one-time-use waste of money. Icic.

The last point that I can think of is something that I realized myself while shopping for wedding shoes with Dear2. That is, everybody’s feet shape is different, and that calls for different shoe shape design. Very interesting fact that I noticed is that ‘pointed toes’ shoes is more suitable for Dear2’s feet rather than the ‘square toes’ shoes. Nvm if u dun understand, the important thing is that I understand.

With that, we went hopping from shopping centre to shopping centre along Orchard Rd looking for that perfect pair of wedding shoes. But as always, things are not smooth sailing. First, we can’t find silver shoes at all! Hmm… Then somehow, the silver shoes started appearing, but Dear2 didn’t like them, one of our criteria was that the shoe must have back straps, Dear2 liked back strap shoes. As we walked along, we finally walked into OG at Orchard Point where there was suddenly a whole rack of silver shoes. Yeah!

But lady luck wasn’t on our side. The first few pairs of shoes that Dear2 had her eyes on doesn’t have her size in stock. Grr… After the 3rd or 4th pair that had no size, we were both visibly irritated. We even got the salesgirl to help us make a call to their other branches, namely Chinatown and Bugis, to check if they have stock there, but there wasn’t. Where didn’t all the shoes go to? Was so many people getting married at the same time?!

Just before leaving, Dear2 manage to spot a pair that looked alright. After asking for the size, we had a long anxious wait while the salesgirl went to check for the stock. They have it, Yes! Finally. This pair was not bad, not the first choice though, but still quite elegant. And so we decided to buy it. The price was $30 something, I can’t really remember, Dear2 u remember? *Update: The receipt shows $39.90.

Now, the more I look at this pair of shoes, the more I liked it, especially how it looked on Dear2’s slender feet. This may be my favourite pair of shoes out of Dear2’s entire shoe collection yet. Gee…



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