Actual Day Photography

We just booked our actual day photography package last weekend. Another hole in the pocket. :(

The photographer was introduced by our make up artist. During our first meet up with the photographer, we were surprised that 2 of them came to meet us. After some chit chat, we realized that they were a couple and were both in this line. They showed us their portfolio and tried to sell us this item of wedding journalism. Hmm… At first it sounded cheem to us, but the jest of it is that by hiring 2 photographers, 1 can concentrate on the main event such as on stage and table to table photos, while the other can go around capture news worthy scenes around the entire event ground. The result of this is that the guest looked natural and more expressive. Looking at their portfolio, that is indeed the feeling we derive from the photos. So call candid shots but manage to capture a lot of emotions. Furthermore, considering that they are a couple, there will be a certain level of chemistry between them such that they do not get into each other’s way during the actual photography session and that they will be able to cover each other’s blind spots, something that can only be found in teammates that have worked together for some time, 默契. With all these considerations in mind, we signed a package with them. Again, this time we chop chop curry pok, signing up with the first service provider we met, unlike last time where we found 10 quotations for our renovation before deciding on one. So long as we’re satisfied, no need to get the cheapest rate in town. So here is the package:

  • All photos will be returned. Expected: 600 shots and above.
  • 300 selected photos, digital touched up, developed and returned with slot in album.
  • 2 photographers.
  • 10 hours service per photographer.
  • Rush-edited photo montage of day event to be really for dinner screening.
  • Properly-edited photo montage of day event for keeps.
  • Total cost: $1588.

After asking about their overtime rates and such, I managed to work backwards to derive the individual cost of each item. Photography service is charged at $50 per hr, so 2 photographers for 10 hours is 50 x 10 x 2 = $1000. Reasonable enough. The montage costs $200 (discounted from $300) for the afternoon work of selecting compiling editing and producing. Also reasonable. So that leaves $388 for developing 300 photos, album and the right to all the photos taken on our wedding day from morning make up session right down to the end of the wedding dinner. Sounds good. Communications with the photographers are also well enough and they seemed experienced from the way they explained their work.

Right, so that’s one more wedding item off the list. Still a page full of items to go. Ganbarimasu!

58 days to wedding.



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