Limited Edition MacDonalds Coca Cola Glass

There it is! A complete set of 5! :D

Remember that Dear1 had to eat a whole day of MacDonalds a few weeks back? Well, it all paid off now. Okay… I might be a little bit outdated. Actually, the collection was completed several weeks back, right before the start of the Beijing 2008 Olympics I recall. But! Writing a late review may not be a bad thing after all, becos Dear1 and Dear2 had plenty of chances to use the cups and to realize its pros and cons.

We first decided to start collecting this glasses becos they were a very good deal. A MacDonalds Extra Value with Upsize will get us 1 of these glasses free, no top up required. Couple this with the fact that Dear1 buy MacDonalds meals from university at a discounted student rate makes it a wonderful deal. Furthermore, these aren’t just any movie of the moment glasses, they were Olympic Coca Cola glasses, making them all the more collectable. We decided to collect 2 sets of these 5 glasses. 1 set for use and to entertain our guests with. And 1 set for collection and display, and possible to make a small profit by selling them off to some avid Coca Cola collector who missed this great collectors’ item. :D

At first glance, these glasses have a slender lower body which seemed to be rather unstable. But after much use, we realized that it is quite stable after all, good design on the part of the manufacturers. Also, these glasses are products of Luminarc which is decent brand name on its own. This definitely adds much consumer confidence. The next interesting and great design concept we noticed in these glasses is that they’re of 330ml capacity. Ring any bells? Yes, it’s the volume of a standard can of Coca Cola, and pretty much any other form of can drinks, including beer. So this meant that once you pop a can of drink, you can empty its entire contents into this glass and get rid of the empty can. There’s just a little extra volume in these glasses for ice, we’ve managed to add 3 standard ice cubes in without any spillage. We’ve also try drinking beer from these glasses and they looked great as beer glasses, tall, slender, sexy and contoured gold simmering through its body.

And now to the bad things about the glasses. First, becos they’re so tall and slender, there’s no way to stick your hand all the way in with wash its interior. For thorough washing, some form of washing stick is required. Also becos of its tall build, they don’t really fit in on the dish drying rack. The words and Olympic sport symbols on the body of the glass are actually concaved on the inside of the glass. These narrow trenches tend to trap drink fibres from soya bean drinks or fruit juices if not properly cleaned.

All in all, we’re very satisfied with our Coca Cola glasses, they are very presentable and excellent for entertaining guests, and they’re pretty well designed with some nice surprises being discovered along the way. Happy that we own the whole set. :D



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