Wedding invitations

Preparing wedding invitations is really a very major part of our wedding. Back in the old days, the couple just send out invitations to all the guests whom they wish to invite and wait for their reply of whether they are attending or not. Well, not anymore. Nowadays, we’ll call the people whom we wish to invite, thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones. The wedding invitation is only sent out when there is a verbally confirmation that the guest will be attending the wedding dinner. In this way, sending out wedding invitation cards become more of a formality. Our parents still deliver invitation by hand as a show of sincerity, but we mail out most of our invitations except for those that we meet on a regular basis such as colleagues.

It all begins with drafting out a list of ppl that we wish to invite. This tentative list has to be ready even before we start sourcing for our dinner venue becos many venues have very limited capacity, typically 30-35 tables. Any dinner larger than that and the choices of restaurants or ballrooms decreases significantly.

After the venue is confirmed, it is time to call up all these ppl to formally invite them to our wedding dinner. Many of my friends who have invited me before used to SMS me, asking me about my attendence. I, for one, find that rather distant as I can’t hear their voice and feel their happiness. So for me, I chose to call up each and every one of my friend personally to inform them of my wedding and to invite them. I feel that this way is more personal and I wish to express my sincerity in inviting them.

A problem encounter during the callings was that some of our friends are also getting married during this period of time. There’s a saying that if your wedding falls within 3 months before and 3 months after the wedding of the person inviting you, then you should not attend it so as not to clash with their fortune. A few of our friends fall into this category and was unable to attend our wedding dinner.

Meanwhile, we started sourcing for printers to print our invitation. The restaurant included unlimited supply of invitation cards and envelopes as part of the package but we have to find our own printers. A quick survery of quotations revealed that the cheapest price we could get is 60cents per piece. However, I sometime read on forums that some ppl print their cards for as cheap as 40cents per piece, but I couldn’t find the contacts of those. Anyway, the restaurant introduced us to their collaborative printer who is also doing the printing for 60cents. So, to keep things under one roof, we decided to go with the restaurant’s recommended printer. We printed 420 card for $252 which will be settled with the final billing of the wedding dinner. I suspect $252 is before GST, we shall see.

Just as our wedding cards are ready for mail, anyother obstacle stood in our way, the lunar 7th month. It was recommended that it is not so auspicious to mail out wedding invitations during the 7th month. Actually, we encountered this earlier during our renovations too as it is considered not auspicious to start renovation during the 7th month too. Haha… But the lunar 7th month turns out to be August in our usual calendar and this year being 2008, there’s a special day with the date 08.08.08 that many couples would like to wed on.

Come the 8th lunar month, we started mailing out all our invitations to friends that have agree to attend our wedding. It was then that we realized it is not easy to write so many invitations, write so many addresses and paste so many stamps. Each name and address has to be double checked to make sure there is not typos. Phew! Thank you Dear2 for preparing all the cards.

Once the invitations were sent, there’s still an issue of lost mail. For that, we’ve printed extra cards to be resent in case our guest did not receive the cards. So maybe 2 weeks before our actual day, we need to call up all our guests again to ensure that everyone has already received their cards and know how to get to the wedding dinner venue. In case any one did not receive theirs, we would have to write a new card and possibly deliver it by hand to make certain that they received it this time round.

So wedding invitations is a lot of work. A lot of ongoing work, that probably won’t end until the wedding day itself. The way to handle it is to be organised and everything should proceed smoothly.



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