Our Wedding Day

It’s finally over!   Dear1 and Dear2 finally held our wedding day in September 2008 after months and months of planning and hard work, of discussions and visits, of brain racking and tongues wagging, What an ordeal!

The preparation all started during the ‘retreat’ end of last year, when Dear1 and Dear2 set out to hold the traditional wedding this year (if you recall, Dear1 and Dear2 have already ROMed in Aug 2006, and have actually already started our twosome living).  Hence, the traditional wedding, or some call it, customary wedding or actual day (AD). is really meant for (Dear1’s) parents.

So, wedding in 2008 means that we have to firstly decide on the date and venue.  At the beginning of 2008, everybody were skeptical about us holding the AD in 2008.  “Huh, now already 2008 and you haven’t book the venue, surely the hotels all fully booked already.”  That was the common response we got from friends and relatives during the Chinese New Year visitations.  Well, that’s talking about hotels.  But Dear1 and Dear2 did not want to hold it in a hotel ballroom.  Why will I want to pay more, for smaller portion of food, not nice food some more, parking expensive, getting to the hotel will be difficult too cos it being downtown (like the popular Orchard Road), all for it being more ‘prestigious’ and look better to hold it in a hotel vs a restaurant?  Not for us, man.

Anyway, first thing first, the date. Dear1 and Dear2 took out a calender with so called auspicious dates (for wedding, move house, set bed, move stove, travel etc) and marked out the dates from May till end of year.  Minus away those dates that are no good, like the seventh month, super peak seasons in December (anyway, that’s too far away already), work commitments, major (Singapore) events, there were only a few dates left.  Fine, these will be the dates that we’ll be using to check with the venues.  You say we can’t secure a venue so late into the year, I’d bet that the venue can’t be fully booked  on ALL my dates.

Next, is the venue.  Dear1 and Dear2 did some research online.  Dear2’s favourite site will be Singaporebrides forum, where many people share their experiences and grouses online.  Taking note that no matter how good or how bad something is. there will always be people who like it and some who dislike it.  It’s pretty much different experiences for different people.  Our main search criteria was size of the venue, cos Dear1 and Dear2 worked out a rough estimates of invitees and there are easily 45 tables required.  Not and easy task, cos restaurants and hotels generally do not have such big sites.  Typical 20 – 25 tables will be an easy find.  Like even our ROM venue, Peony Jade restaurant at Clarke Quay, Dear1 and Dear2 were tempted to go back there cos the entire ROM experience (plus other private functions we knew) were all so pleasant, but their capacity of 22 tables poses the biggest headache.  Cut the long story short (CTLSS), based on general positive feedbacks from the forum and other searches, we listed out some potential venues that fit the size criteria.  So on 1 fine day, Dear1, Dear2 and Dear1’s dad went site hopping one by one.  Some were hospitable, some were too small, some too expensive, some just not glam at all, until our last stop at Jade Room Restaurant.  Looks ok – price reasonable, ok reviews, looks grand interior, package has pretty much all the things that saves us headaches on the nitty gritties.

CTLSS, food tasting cum meet-the-parent sessions, further clarifications of the package details, and Dear1 and Dear2 paid the first $3,000 deposit. Venue settled.

Next is the bridal package.  From our renovation experience, Dear1 and Dear2 compared 10 shops before finalizing on 1 interior designer.  Do we want to go through the same process for a bridal studio (BS)?  No way, man. Dear2’s cousin recommended a make up artist, we went for the road show, thinks that this guy is ok, and signed a $200+ monthly installment package.  BS settled.   The rest, we leave it to the make up artist who is a designer cum hair dresser plus knowledge of photography all put together.

From the time we confirmed the restaurant and BS, there really wasn’t much to be done.  The real work really starts from the photoshoot (PS).  Need to buy shoes, buy shirts, choose gowns, slim down, go for haircut, all in preparation for the PS.  And after the PS, was selection of photos, deciding whether to do ‘design’ for the album or not (NOTE: this comes at an extra cost not listed in the BS package price), chasing the studio for the overdue album, spotting flaws and returning the album for rectifications, again spotting flaws and again returning the album for touch up, confirmation of the gowns for AD, exercising,  dieting (which backfired, better just eat as per normal), go for size fitting, selection of jackets for the dads and bro, accompanying mum to buy her gown. agreeing to mum-in-law’s choice of gown and accessories, finding candidates for the sisters and brothers, emcees and in charges, defining and delegating roles, coming up with a schedule of events, deciding what montage to do and the sequence, doing the montages, collating songs to be played during the dinner, informing friends and relatives about the dinner, gather information for the invites, getting quotations for printing invites, sending invites, table planning, getting ready the guo da li, briefing the brothers and sisters, finding photographer, finding video equipment, final confirmation with the restaurant, dieting during the last week, doing sit ups at the last week, going for facials, haircut, mani and pedicure, etc etc etc etc .  OMG, To think that these were all accomplished in a matter of 2 months time.  Kudos to Dear1 and Dear2.

The point is, so much time and effort has been spent on planning a 1day’s event.  Being the relax and fuss free Dear1 and Dear2, we didn’t really want to spend too much time on it, that’s why we chose to pack all these nitty stuff within 2 months (and stressed ourselves in the process, haha).  Just so glad that the event is over, and Dear1 and Dear2 are just now waiting eagerly for the AD photos and video that capture the memories of this 1 day’s event.

– Dear2


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