Honeymoon or not?

Whenever one meets a newly wedded, the natural ice breaker is to ask “Where are you guys going for your honeymoon?” When I asked this question to my couple friends, all 47158 of them answered “Hokkaido”, which is rather unsurprising, especially for Singaporeans. After all, we live in hot and humid climate all year round and every young adventurous youth out there wants to visit a snowy place for their sweet honeymoon. Except perhaps Dear1 and Dear2. Here’s our take on honeymoon.

We feel that the concept of honeymoon was developed in the past when overseas trips were luxuries that many were unable to afford frequently. And also perhaps becos in those days, the wedded couple tends to move in together with the groom’s parents. Hence, as a celebration and a chance of intimate romance away from the eyes of the family, many couples chose to go on a post wedding trip called a honeymoon. And maybe it was also during those times that travel agencies began marketing honeymoon packages to boost sales and this in turn encouraged more couples to go on honeymoon trips. This is just my view of how things had happened, but it could have been the other way round, starting as a travel marketing gimmick.

Back to present day, the idea of honeymoon got attached to weddings and it had become a norm. However, there are some differences. Couples nowadays are much more open with their courtship and relationship, and many go on overseas holiday trips even before getting married. Parents too are less conservative and more open minded in allowing their kids to go on these “romantic” twosome trips. As such, traveling is no longer viewed as a luxury for most couples and some might have already visited faraway places such as Hokkaido even during their courtship. The idea of a once-in-a-lifetime-romantic-honeymoon thus loses some of its significance.

Moreover, weddings are becoming a very expensive and tiring affair. Looking back at some of our wedding posts, you would have realized that everything from wedding photos to banquet, to buying a house, renovating, furnishing, everything costs quite a bit of money, and if there’s something that a couple can save on, that will probably be an elaborate honeymoon. It is also not advisable to embark on a honeymoon trip directly after the actual day wedding since the preparation of the wedding itself would probably have already taken up a lot of the couple’s energy. A honeymoon immediately after the actual day will in fact add to the fatigue due to the packing, long travels on coaches, sheep herding by travel groups and changing hotels everyday. If anything, setting off about 7 to 10 days after the actual day seems like a better choice.

One other thing, since travel agencies tend to make use of “honeymoon” to attract customers, we as consumers can also leverage on this by taking up honeymoon discounts to visit places at cheaper prices. But most of the time, these honeymoon discounts are only valid for expensive Europe and beyond tours that will likely burn a bigger hole in your (already badly torn) pocket than the snowy Hokkaido. And likely, they only allow 1 honeymoon couple per group, so be sure to book early to make sure that you are that lucky couple. The value of these discounts also varies. We have encountered discounts of misery $50 per couple for Europe trips, as well as 1 free air ticket deals for Taiwan and China.

Dear1 and Dear2 had not planned for any honeymoon trips so far. Unless we can find a good enough honeymoon discount. So for the time being, Dear1 and Dear2 are reading Today newspapers everyday, hoping for some tour agencies to offer honeymoon promotions that are truly worth getting. A 1-for-1 Tokyo trip would be nice. :P



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