Baking Golden Biscuits

Dear2 got a recipe for baking cookies from someone, and has been experimenting with it for 4 times already.  Let’s take a look at the recipe first:


8 oz butter

6 oz fine sugar

1 – 2 eggs

8 oz plain flour

1 tsp vanilla escence


1. Cream butter and sugar together.

2. Add in eggs.

3. Lastly add in the plain flour and mix until the mixture is smooth.

4. Place the cookies on the baking tray

5. Bake in TEFAL oven rack 2 for about 20 – 30 min at 180 – 200 deg C

6. Bake at a slightly higher temperature if you prefer darker texture.

Though a very simple recipe, Dear2 insists on using it, cos the ingredients  are the simplest among all the recipes that I could find.  No need to waste money and waste food on getting additional ingredients.  Haha.

But the problem with this recipe is, the biscuits dun turn out well at all.  Firstly, what is ‘cream butter and sugar’?  Should I just mix the butter and sugar together?  But the butter is hard leh, how to mix!?  Den ‘1 to 2 eggs’ means what?  That’s 100% difference in the amount of eggs used leh.  With all the ingredients in, the dough is still super duper watery. Within mins of getting into the oven, you can visibly see the butter melting from within the dough, and gets charred well before the dough is cooked.  Haiz…. Finally, the cookies are chou da, ie, the sides of the cookies are so burnt that one bite, and you feel that heatiness is rapidly on the way…..

A general state of the first 3 attempts:

Den, Dear2 asked a fren about it, and read some cooking books, and made further adjustments on the recipe at the fourth attempt.

‘Cream butter and sugar’ means to mix it with a mixer!  Gotto mix in the eggs as well until it is fluffy.  The choice of butter also plays a part, using good butter gives the biscuits a nice flavor and texture. And yes, melt or soften the butter first.  How did I ever think of mixing cold hard butter with sugar!?

As for the flour, add in the listed amount, and add some more if the dough is still watery.  Dear2 seriously suspects that the portion listed in the recipe is lacking.  Notice that the essence is left out in the recipe?  There must be a typo error somewhere….  And oh, books says that u can refrigerate the dough to get a less watery constitution, but to speed things up, I’ll just sieve in more flour.  Heehee.

We bought a new baking tray.  This one seems like it is able to better conduct heat den the normal tray in the oven.  So that the cookies can cook more evenly?

And flatten the dough on the tray (pls, this is not baking those rock cookies that we used to do in sec sch.  wahahaha)

Finally, the ultimate cure – baking soda.  Online sources all include baking soda in the recipe, but why does it sound foreign to me?  Nvm, let’s just try that.

Dear2 was so confidant on the fourth attempt, thinking the improved method in ‘cream butter and sugar’ is the correct solution, but as it turns out, it looks no different from all the previous.  Less heaty taste and less watery maybe, but the feel of the biscuits still dun seems right.  Just as all was about to give up, we added in the baking soda (this ultimate cure was found by Dear1 by comparing different recipes online, and was implemented only on the second tray of the fourth attempt).  Mmm……………… Yummy!  The butter and flour bits is distinctly visible, unlike the initally cookies where it’s just all lumped together.  Guess the baking soda is able to fluff up the ingredients so that the biscuits has a lighter feel to it.

Here’s the yummy cookies, successful, on the right plate.

Ok, they all look the same, but believe me, the ones with baking soda are just the way Dear2 would like it to be.  Yum yum.  And ya, you know you’ve got it right when the biscuits are bigger than without baking soda.  hahahaha

Some more tips, courtesy of Dear1:

1. Leave 3 inch apart for each dough on the baking tray, as the biscuits will swell up during the baking.

2. Use a higher rack in the oven, as the bottom tends to char faster than the top.

Ok, thats’ all for now, even just writing about the cookies make Dear2 hungry…..

– Dear2


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