Bich Duyen Hotel

We din have the chance to ask Chanh how Bich Duyen is really pronounced, cos even though the Vietnamese language makes use of alphabets, but the 6 tones for each word plus the Vietnamese language origins dating way back from Chinese long long time ago, all the Vietnamese words are almost un-pronounceable even for the dual-lingo Singaporeans like us.

Dear1 and Dear2 just returned from a 4D3N Ho Chi Minh City trip.  Fun, interesting, fulfilling, shop shop shop and shop. and overall a very satisfying experience for the both of us.  Let’s talk about the backpackers hostel we stayed during this trip today – Bich Duyen Hotel.

Located inside an alley on Pham Ngu Lao Street, the backpackers area in HCMC, the renowned Ben Thanh Market is a 1km walk away from the hostel (even though we usually take the cab there at a cheap fee of VND 12,000 [~ SGD1.20] which is the starting fare for the meter cab – yes, the fare has not jumped yet!  Haha!).  The ‘Are you kidding’ question on our mind still linger even though we had already mentally prepared ourselves for the super tiring stairs (cos there’s no lift in the hostel), ok clean room and ok friendly Chanh, the famed lengendary super attendant.

The ‘wow, thumbs up’ didn’t take too long to come – super clean bedsheets, wow, clean quilt, wow, there’s Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels, wow, Chanh literally lives in the hostel and can even to open up the shutters for us almost immediately when we returned to hotel at 11pm on 1 night, and all this for the price of ~ SGD35 per room per night.  What a steal!

Dear1 and Dear2’s first backpacking trip was also liven up by the small little things that happened in the hotel.  Iced bottled 1L water at $0.80 readily available from the refrigerator in the living room, which u can ask Chanh to add that to the final bill, plain sunny-side up from breakfast turned oishii just by sprinkling the pepper-salt shake, nice and thick morning coffee brew, freshly squeezed lemonade turned from sour to sweet by adding lots of sugar, internet access (disclaimer: 1 PC only) at the foyer, air con in the room, all the things that u’ll grow to live it like your own home if we were to stay a few more days.

5 storeys with 3 rooms per storey, and a common dormitory, the capacity of the hotel is really very limited.  For those of u looking for a pleasantly surprised stay in HCMC, Bich Duyen is highly recommended.  Book your reservations early cos some seasons seem to be peak for them all hotels.  Btw, did I mention that this hotel is the number 1 high review from the Hostels Bookers?  Good job!


– Dear2


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