Run Twice a Week + Arm Exercises

I think it’s time to make a decision, a decision to resolve to slim down.

With about 2.5 months to go before Chinese New Year, enuff about ‘I’ll eat less tomorrow’ and ‘I’m afraid that I’ll get gastric pain’.  Come on, dun these just sounds like EXCUSES?

Yes, Dear2 wants to slim down, in time for the next Chinese New Year.  Enuff about simply grinning when relatives comment that ‘u are fatter now ah’, and enuff about not looking good in ANY clothes that I wear.  It’s time to resolve to slim down now.

Hey, doesn’t that sound altogether familiar, when Dear2 went on a ‘last minute ditch to slim down before the wedding’ in Sep.  That was just barely 2 months ago, but the determination to look prettier during the day of my life just seem like such a long time ago…  Where was the resolve to jog every other 3 days during the month to the run up of the wedding, and where was the ‘never say die until the last minute’ spirit when there was only 1 more week but 4 more runs to go before the actual day.  The outcome – I did it, and I did it proudly. 

But hey, like MANY other brides, ‘who cares about dieting now’ immediately sets in right after the wedding.  Only those who’ve walked down the path of bride-a-hood can appreciate this instant freedom, so I shall not elaborate further…

Nonetheless, Dear2 really needs to slim down now, cos of the 2 reasons mentioned above.  What Dear2 needs is the resolve to start the exercise plan, and to execute it.  What better way den to pen down the resolve, and set out a plan here.  As the saying goes, ‘One who fails to plan, plan to fail.’

So, the simple plan is (experience has shown that the plan is best spelted out plainly, anything complicated will easily become an excuse, afterall, it is SO easy for excuses to form…):

Run twice a week (min 6 km each) + arm exercises.

Cheer me on pls, Dear2.  Nobody can force u to do what u dun want to do, except yourself.  Like all things in life, if u want something badly enuff, u will find means and ways to get it.  A toned body does not just happen by itself, there needs to be hard work and effort before u achieve it, so RUN for it!!

– Dear2


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