Making friction work for you

Friction – it is the evil of all motion. No matter which direction u move, friction works in the opposite way to pull u back.

Like all couples, Dear1 and Dear2 have frictional encounters as well. ‘Hey, is it really true!!?? I thot u guys are just so loving!’ I bet u’ll say. Of course yes. We’re just a typical Singaporean couple, not saints. So even though u’ve read our posts on how loving we are, there’s always frictional works that are deliberately left out from the big screen.

Who to mop the floor? When to mop the floor?

What to do for the weekend? How to plan this weekend?

The sequence of laundry on the tekko? The order of plates on the drying rack?

Which clothes to wash in this batch? Why not this one more piece in this washing batch?

These are often argued conflicts between Dear1 and Dear2. Trivial, yet minor, these are the dreaded problems we face almost on a weekly basis.

But take heart, it is the understanding of these differences, coming to terms with them and resolving the problem that leads to ultimate joy. Joy, because we have done it. Joy, because we have did it. And joy, because we will continue to do it.

Life’s like that. Friction is plenty, and it’s all around us. What’s the breeze in the hair when you cycle at high speed? What’s the pushing force that keeps u running even faster so that u dun fall, when u run in a 100m race? And what’s the grip that allows u to savor the nicest wine from the glass? We need to understand which friction is acting, learn to make use of it, and learn to capitalize on it so that we can gain ultimate joy.

Take heart, be aware, and learn to make good of the friction.

I love u, Dear1.

– Dear2


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