Learning Hula Hoop

Jeans sizes increasing.

Feel hungry more often.

Already cannot wear sleeveless tops.

Growing out of new clothes – what the!?

So many tell tales signs, but why did Dear2 not notice about these signs that tell me that I am getting fatter? 

Must run, but keeps raining leh.  That’s why people have running tracks at home.  But expensive, and we dun have the space for it…..

A cheaper alternative – hula hoop!  And that cost only $4.95 from the neighbourhood toy shop.  Heehee…..

Hmm…. but Dear2 has not played a hula hoop ever before. The constantly rotation of the butt seems easy, but is it really all that is necessary to turn the hoop and make sure it stays swirling around your waist?  I seriously doubt that it’s this easy.

True enuff, first attempt on the hula hoop proves to be veryyyyyyy tiring.  Now I can appreciate why fren Vivi says that she got more tired from the constant squating and standing to retrieve the hoop, rather den the actual swirling.  Dun anyone dare laugh at Vivi!!

Cut the long story short, let Dear2 try to share with all on some pointers in picking up hula loop.  I can proudly say that this was picked up barely from the second attempt alone, so it’s really not too difficult afterall, u just have to use your brains a bit.

1) Start by holding the hoop in a horizontal position (obviously, around your waist) with both hands.  If u can get the hoop to start rotating on a correct note, the battle is half won.

2) Turn the hoop slightly to the left, and use your left hand to give it a push in the clockwise direction.  Effectively, the right hand is really to hold the hoop in the horizontal position, so that the first swing can maintain it’s horizontal plane.  And as u push, the hoop is actually touching against and rotating round the back of your waist.

3) For beginners, to minimise fatigue from doing the squats (afterall, I really want to hula hoop and not do squats…), try with just turning the hoop just 1 round and catching it back with your hands.  This is not easy, mind u.  And once u’ve managed to do 1 round, let’s go for 2 rounds.

4) Ok, here comes the brain part.  U need to try and feel what works best for u.  The above 3 points were really derived from trial and error, from the feel of what feel weird, what works and how to improvise on it.  What I’m trying to say is that, it’s not about simply vigorously swinging your butt round and round and round round the hoop; u need to try it, feel it, and determine if that should be the way. If it doesn’t feel correct, pls move on to experimenting the next technique.

5) Ya, so based on pt (4), start to swirl the hoop around!!

6) The next thing to do will be to maintain the hoop at the waist level.  It’s common knowledge that gravity works to pull all things down, so the hoop should naturally go down as well (obviously correct…).  How to prop it up?  This will be the next tricky question to address.  The only thing u have on your waist, is your hips. So, use your hips to prop the hoop.  And your stomach and butt pls (hey, this is hula hoop, of course u need to rotate your hips, so, prop your stomach and butt and hips out further everytime the hoop feels like dropping). 

7) Did i forget about centrifugal force?  Ya, Dear2 din forget about it, but hey, it’s only my second attempt at hula hooping, give me more time to figure how to optimise this (for the benefit of some, centrigufal force means the force that throws things out when u have a rotating situation).

It’s fun, it’s cheap, and it’s supposed to help me recover my waist.  Way to go.

Happy hooping!!!

– Dear2


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