J.CO Donuts

Dear1 and Dear2 have been eating a lot of donuts lately. Were we so late in catching up to the donut craze? No. The truth of the matter is that, we couldn’t find donuts tasting good enough that we would want to queue up hours for. What was the name of the donut shop again, Donut Factory? Can’t really remember the branding, but I remembered tasting their donuts at the Novena Square branch. Not bad, but not great either. We’ve tasted other grassroot brands of donuts too. Those are downright disgusting, with cooking oil flowing out of the dough with every bite. So what’s this latest donut chain that caught our taste buds… J.CO Donuts!


Even as I am typing this, there are 2 donuts on our tables waiting to be eaten for our afternoon tea. Gee… Dear2 first heard of J.CO Donuts from her Indonesian friend. The first thought was of course YADC – Yet Another Donut Chain. It seemed that this company started out in Indonesia and is currently the fasting growing donut chain in South East Asia (according to Wikipedia). Ok, since it has strong recommendations from a friend, let’s try it.

Hey! It’s actually quite good, especially the one with the flaky nuts on top. Our favourite is the ‘Alcapone’ (top right corner of the picture, half outside the picture). Crunchy, taste fresh, not too oily, not too sweet and just right for our taste. Yum yum! Not to mention that there is currently a OCBC promotion going on. Just show your OCBC credit card to enjoy discounts on bulk purchase. Half a dozen for $6 (UP $7) and a full dozen for $10 (UP $11.50). Just *show* your OCBC card, they only accept cash payment. I dunno when the promotion ends so grab yours early. The 2 branches I know of are on the basement level at Bugis Junction and Raffles City.

Ok, let me go enjoy my ‘Why Nuts?’ now. :P



4 thoughts on “J.CO Donuts

  1. Updates… Dear1 and Dear2 have been eating too much J.Co donuts recently due to the OCBC discount. Something like 5 or 6 dozens of donuts so far, I think. Marginal utility is dropping… I think we won’t be eating any more for the near future.

    -Greedy and fattening Dear1

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