Hula Hoop from Toys “R” Us

It was really tough going!  How did those people make hula hooping look so effortless?  Hmm…..

In an attempt to pick up hula hoop faster, Dear2 came across some hula hooping lessons from youtube.   The trainers demonstrated a series of different routines with a single hula hoop – clockwise loop, turn clockwise on the spot, turn anticlockwise on the spot, and repeat these 3 routines now in anticlockwise loop.  That already makes 6 different routines.  Try it, cos only those who try it can appreciate fun in such a simple exercise.

The point about these youtube lessons is, that the video is actually to promote this certain brand of hula hoop.  Okay, Dear2 obviously is not going to order and have a hoop shipped to Singapore, but the key thing to note about these hoops is that, they are huge.  Huge and slightly weighted hoops.  Hmm… So means that bigger and heavier hoops are easier to rotate?  Hmm…  Den what about my hoop bought from the local stationery shop?  I think it’s meant for kids leh….

Off we went for hula hoop search again, this time from Toys “R” Us.   Oh, what’s that? A hula hoop is going on sale, UP $13.95, now going at $9.95.  Confirm get lah.  Haha!

And now, with the new hula hoop, Dear2 can execute all the above mentioned 6 routines with fair ease, something that the previous hoop can never achieve.  Even Dear1 now picks up hula hooping a little, and not sweat so profusely after just 2 rounds on the small hoop, haha.

Hula hooping.  Try it, it’s fun.

– Dear2


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