The BBDC Experience

Dear2 passed her Basic Theory Test (BTT) when she was 20 years old.  And Dear2 is sitting for her Final Theory Test (FTT) in a month’s time.  All because there isn’t any time validity from the time u passed BTT till the time u get your driving licence, but once u have passed your FTT, you need to get your driving licence within 2 years.  Yeah, Dear2 is set out to obtain her driving licence very soon!

The registration process at Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) was mortifying.  On a week day night at 8.30pm, there’s soooooooooo many people at BBDC!  Everyone seems to be either waiting for their number to be called, or booking/ checking something at the rows of computer terminals, or waiting to go/ coming out from class.  BBDC’s human traffic beat that of any shopping-centre-on-a-weekday 2 hands down.

Registration as a student of BBDC proves to be super confusing too.  Customer service must be dealing with millions of students everyday cos they seem to expect that u know exactly what lessons u need to book, or what tests u need to sit, or when u can apply for what.  Come on, I’m paying so much to be a student of your centre, u’d jolly well explain CLEARLY to me what I need to do.  But no lor, they seem to expect that u know the process inside out already………….

An orientation briefing on the day of registration was conducted to induct new students, basically to give u a better understanding of the learning course in BBDC.  Being a fast notes-taker, Dear2 was still unable to take down all the notes that the instructor rambled on at super fast pace.  Luckily for all the scribbles, these precious notes really did help to give a better understanding for me to plan out my schedule when we got to that stage.

Fine.  After totally comprehending the flow chart from the Class 3 Driving Licence Course brochure (mind u, the flow chart on the website seems to be outdated), Dear2 finally proceeded to top up credit (u need to put money into your BBDC account which is used to pay for everything) and book the lessons and tests.

So, I need to attend all the 4 Theory Lessons even though I already have my BTT, and even though the theory lessons are called Basic Theory Lessons and Final Theory Lessons (dun be misled!).   Yes, I can skip the Basic Theory Practice, Evaluation and Test since I already have BTT.  Oh, so I need to attend the Final Theory Practice, Evaluation and Test, and have to pass Evaluation at least 14 days before sitting for Test. Oh, so I can start my Practical sessions now already.  Oh, u can’t book 2 consecutive lessons in 1 day (Shit! Den I can’t optimize my time.  Still thot of going for 2 consecutive lessons every Sun so as to be more efficient.).

Dear2 has attended her first 2 practical lessons so far.  Next lesson, Dear2 should be going out onto public road once she has obtained her Provisional Driving Licence (PDL).   The previous 2 instructors were by far okay, competent enuff to warrant the fees that I’m gonna be spending (a rough calculation sets u back by at least $2,200 for that piece of licence, and that is provided that u pass first time. *faint*).  And kudos to the instructors for being so generous with their tips on handling the vehicle and road conditions, it really does help a lot to learn from the teachers who do value proper and considerate road usage.

Gotta work hard.  Ermm, or rather, gotto stay focused on the road.  Gambatte.

– Dear2


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