Safari Zoo Run 2009, here we come!

So interesting… We’re taking part in a running event that runs within the zoo itself! Here what the route map looks like, credits to the Safari Zoo Run 2009 website.


Here are some of the reasons why we decided to join this run.

  1. In memory of Ah Meng, according to the official tag line of the run.
  2. Popular among dating couples. We’ve always wanted to visit the zoo as a romantic dating destination but have never gotten around to do it.
  3. Good race route. Look at the map, we get to visit both the Singapore Zoo (left half) *AND* the Night Safari (right half) on the same run.
  4. Comfortable flag off time. Believe it or not, it’s 4pm in the afternoon. No need to walk up at 3am to catch a chartered bus from Bt Gombak station. Yippee!
  5. Relaxing distance. It’s only 6.2km.
  6. Running with the animals. Imagine the joy of running alongside the lions and tigers and zebras…
  7. Value for money. Ticket to zoo is already $18, ticket to night safari is $22. This run is priced at $38 and we still get an event polo t-shirt. For those without a Passion Card, free 3 years subsciption. Truly worth every dollar.

Perhaps one of the bad points I can think of at the moment is that the condition of the air isn’t going to be top notch (think animal dung). But then, it isn’t a competitive event, and we’re more encouraged by the sight seeing part of the event more than the sporting aspect. We’re really looking forward to this one. :D

♫♫♫ We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo,

How ’bout you you you,

You can come too too too,

We’ll see you at the zoo zoo zoo! ♫♫♫ :D



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