2.4km in 15m56s

Alamak… what a lousy timing! Recently, Dear1 went to take his Individual Physical Proficiency Test or simply IPPT as required for all Singaporean males during their NSmen liability period. Sigh… Without a doubt, I failed.

There are 5 stations in all. 4 static stations, namely shuttle run, sit ups, chin ups and standing board jump. As Dear1 was very active in sports, particularly basketball, during his schooling days, I had no problems with jumping and sprinting. But I wasn’t really good in the sit ups and chin ups. Sigh… Overall, the IPPT was a disaster.

What really surprised me was actually the 2.4km run. Dear1 and Dear2 had been somewhat active in running, participating in running events, personal training and everything, but 15m56s was just atrocious! Hmm… maybe it wasn’t that bad after all… I remember we ran 40mins for the 5km Passion Run. Ops, so I *was* running that slowly all along.

Maybe it’s the difference between long distance running and short distance running. Running events have always been long distance and we tend to keep quite a lot of energy in reserve for long runs knowing the distance we need to cover. But 2.4km is really very short and one needs to burst through the entire distance in order to meet the IPPT passing criteria. I suppose that’s the difference between endurance run and power run.

And if I can’t clear my IPPT before my birthday, I would need to go for the dreaded Remindal Training (RT), what a waste of time. For the sake of my freedom and possibly $100 incentive for passing, I must train up my 2.4km run! and chin ups! and sit ups… =(

For now, Dear2 will continue with her 5km training runs while I’ll convert to 300m interval runs to build up my lung capacity, with static training between intervals. Certainly hope this works. And hopefully I’ll be able to shed some fats along the way. :D



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