A Day at the Zoo (Run)

Dear1 and Dear2 went for the Zoo Run yesterday.  What an interesting trip!

The Zoo Run flagged off at 4pm sharp, in 4 intervals of 10 mins categorized as Elite Runners, Normal Runners, Fun Run and Family Run.  Dear1 and Dear2 joined in the Normal Run segment, cos Dear1 announced to Dear2 2 hours before the run that we are going as visitors and not as runners.  Duh…

So, Dear1 only wanted to go visit the zoo and night safari and take pictures of animals.  At $38 for the zoo run, it’s already a steal when the admission tickets to the zoo plus night safari already cost $40 ($18 + $22), and plus there’s still a very nice zoo polo tee, plus a free water bottle for Passion Card members.  Forget about the Run, let’s just go to the Zoo, Dear1 intends.

Disappointed as Dear2 was that it is not going to be a running event (I NEED TO SLIM DOWN!!!!!), Dear2 nonetheless persuaded Dear1 to brisk walk the first part of the trek through the Night Safari.  Quite a wise decision, cos there’s NO ANIMALS out in the night safari area in the day time!  Duh, it’s NIGHT SAFARI afterall.  So actually the cheap $38 is not so worth it afterall.

After 2 cups of yummy Milo from the Milo truck at the mid way point, also marking the end of night safari route and beginning of zoo route, Dear1 and Dear2 entered the zoo.  Wow, chaotic it is.  Unlike the Night Safari area, the zoo is still open to public.  And the best part is, like Dear1 and Dear2, there were many many runners who came for the Zoo (and not the Run).  Haha, so we are not alone.  If we had known that this is the case, we should have chiong the night safari part so that we can  have more time at the zoo mah.

See animals, take photo.  It was the first time that Dear2  took so many photos on the new Lumix camera since Dear1 bought it.


Taking good pictures of animals is indeed not easy.  You need a camera that has good enough zoom, a good position and angle, and most importantly, the patience and physique to wait for that ideal pose and expression cos animals dun exactly freeze that perfect pose and expression for u all the time!

Hmm… At this point in time, I shall leave Dear1 to share with us more on some basic photography and camera tips since Dear1 needs to submit for at least 1 photography contest as part of this year’s new year resolutions.  Keke….

The Zoo Run was fun, at least it gave couples like us (who have been dating for 10 years but never really wanted to visit a zoo) a chance to finally visit it, to discover to our amazement that the Zoo is indeed so fun (yeah, no wonder it’s was almost a must-do thing for all new couples).

Oh, we saw that there’s going to be (or was?) a Feather Run at the Jurong Bird Park.  Er… maybe not for this one.  Haha…

– Dear2


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