Being Systematic

Have you ever have the feeling that there’s just sooooooooo many things to do today, and you dun know where to start or what to do first?  Or have you ever have the feeling that you want to make today a good one (in fact, every day should be a good one too), but the question is, how?

Dear2 often gets this feeling of overwhelmness, probably becos Dear2 has pretty high expectations of herself, and that she doesn’t quite know how to relax herself.  Haiz….

Anyway, one little trick that Dear2 has found to be quite effective for herself in this high demand world, is to be systematic. Heehee, not really a tip though, cos Dear2 is habitually systematic.  Rather, it’s the application of this trait when things start to get too overwhelming.

It’s actually quite idiot proof, all you have to do is:

1) Wipe out a piece of paper at the start of your day (while drinking coffee, having your breakfast maybe?)

2) Brainstorm on the things that you need to do TODAY.  Mundane things like clearing that every accumulating mailbox can be one of the things that you want to get it off the way as well. The important thing is to list it down, and list it down in bite size (you may have a BIG report to submit, and likely that this wun be able to be completed in a day’s time, so you’ll have to list down the scope that you intend to work on today).

3) Start doing and start striking the items off your list.  There might be some ugly frogs in that list, but since you know that all the listed items will have to be striked off (by the end of the day) anyway, it becomes a matter of whether you want to do it now or later at 5pm.  So might as well do it NOW.

4) At the end of the day, you’ll confirmed ‘feel as light as a bird’ if the whole list gets completed.  Or at least have a sense of fulfillment when majority of the items gets striked off (time really flies today, how I wish there’s more time today for me to finish up this list).  Surprisingly, you’ll come to find that when there’s a deadline, things usually seem to be able to get moving and be on its way.  But when we use that yaya attitude, can-do-maybe-do attitude, this work seems to take forever to close off.

When it comes to dealing with ‘overwhelmness’, the way is just to follow a systematic approach.

Have fun.  Be systematic.

– Dear2


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