A Perfect Cut 1 & 2

What a disappointing two and a half weeks.

Following a brilliant viewership rating, the Singapore drama Perfect Cut went on to produce a sequeal, Perfect Cut 2.  As we all know, sequeals are never as good as the first production, but Dear2 thought that it was such a rarity that Mediacorp ever produce such a beautiful drama (shown on Channel U some more), and if they do decide to do a sequeal, then this has better to be good.

But as expected, (or unexpected for Dear2 – that was too high a hat for the production team afterall), Perfect Cut 2 did not manage to even present the shine of that brilliant first.

Why all the disappointment? 

Really.  Perhaps of the expectations that 2 will retain that cleverly devised story line, one where there’s a daily short story but yet interwines the stories and development of the main plot. Or even the touching themes songs, played so beautifully at the beginning and ending of the show, as well as the short durations that the songs are injected into the story to make the drama’s emotional factor rise to the maximum (dun u just feel like tearing during that scene when Zheng Wanling did the ‘make up’ for Pan Ling Ling’s deceased daughter?  That is what i call a brilliant presentation of visual and audio effects).  Even the selection of actors were so apt.  Thomas Ong, Michelle Chia, Julian Hee, even Zheng Wanling, and even all the supporting actors, all of them played their characters sooooo well that u can feel that ‘ya, that is really a Alex Tan’.  Kudos kudos.  The biggest credit will still go to the plot – how there’s a flip side to everything we see, how we may be beautiful on the outside, but yet what matters more is of the inside.  And the most amazing thing is how these subtle messages are up to the viewer to expound on their own.  What a brilliant production.

But 2 was a far cry from 1.  Where is that clever interwine plot?  Ya, they still try to make every episode a distinct one, but the messages are now spoken outright.  Was it becos they felt that 1 was too ‘cheam’ for the audience to appreciate??  And what’s with this competitiveness nature of Dr Win?  Seems to me that this character was introduced merely to bring tension to the show.  Is that really necessary?  (hmm, come to think of it, most Mediacorp shows are like that, there’s always an irritating character within an all-loving team.  Now i understand……………)  Oh, Dear2 ESPECIALLY hate those scenes of raw pork.  Please, if it can’t be done properly, might as well dun do it.  1 did not have all those meaty surgeries scenes, and viewers are ok not to see those anyway, so, nice effort for trying, but this further confirms the lack of thought, in all aspects, given to the whole production of 2.

It’s finale episode for Perfect Cut 2 tonight.  We are going to miss Alex Tan, Sky Tan, and even Xiaoli (kudos for keeping up the wonderful performance, that was at least some consolation).  Until we can see the good thoughts behind a production again, i think it’s better that we do without Perfect Cut 3. 

– Dear2


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