The Credit Card Trap

$120 installment for facial.

$260 installment for bridal package.

Hmm, $120 per month is affordable lah.  Ok, $260 per month for 6 months can help to lighten our current load.

But…… that makes Dear1 and Dear’2 monthly installment bill to be $380 already!!!! And that’s just on installments bills.  What about that pair of jeans, that 2 pairs of jeans, and that pair of of shoes, and that jacket, and that Watson’s, and that book, and that Cafe Cartel, and that Swensons, and that Secret Recipe, and that…………….

The list goes on.  The fact of the matter is, signing on that credit card has become all so convenient today.  It’s ok if i dun have $300 to buy that watch now, becos i have CREDIT CARD.  It’s ok to buy that TV on sale, becos can pay by installment mah.  We dun feel the pinch anymore, cos we dun actually see the cash being transacted, or even have to worry if my ATM account has enuff balance to pay for this item.  Serious considerations only set in when we receive the credit card bill, and that is usually 1 month later.

Traps.  Credit cards are really traps cos they make us sign without making serious considerations, make us spend unknowingly.  Even prudent Dear2 was recently awakened when she receives a credit card bill of $600+.  Nope, that was not unusual, but the unusual thing is, ‘How did this this this this this add up to $600!?  This was already on discount, that was bought during a sale. All these can’t possibly add up to $600.  Let me get the calculator.’

Be careful.  That’s all I can warn u right now.  Credit cards can offer many discounts and conveniences, but this may lead us to consume more unknowingly.

Dear2 will not cut up all my 6 credit cards, becos different cards really do get me different good deals (why pay more when there’s 15% discount for xxx credit card holders in this restuarant). But i’ll definitely give more thought everytime i going shopping (or window shopping).  Always ask yourself this question first – do i really NEED this item?

– Dear2


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