A Total Flop – 12 Lotus

Following the ‘success’ of 881, Royston Tan went on to produce 12 Lotus, the ‘inspiration’ apparently coming from one of the songs, 12 Lotus, which was featured in 881 becos ‘the director’s heart went out for the plight of girl in the song’.  Oh wow.

12 Lotus.  The song tells of the pathetic life story of  a girl, and that was exactly what the movie was all about.  Pathetic is the whole theme.  Pathetic as in an entire movie depicting the pathetic story of a girl, and pathetic as in how terribly made was the movie.

Dear2 rented this movie from Ezyvideo recently, wanting to catch on the fame of the much acclaimed 881 (881 was very much locally made – heavily getai-ish, and very much  a low cost production.  Theme wise, still ok – at least there was an encouraging moral to the story.  And I dun mind its overly local flavour though this just goes to show how little thought had been given to the conceptualization of the movie.).

12 Lotus probably just wanted to tap on 881’s fame – everything was repeated, from the cast, to the costumes, to the set up, to the genre of songs, to the team.  Everything was simply copycat.  Fine, den I’ll at least expect the same kind of ‘low standards’ for this film.

But it was an unbearable 1.5 hours for Dear2.  The movie basically tells the story of a mad woman, mind u, it’s not even what was supposed to be, that of a pathetic girl, but of a mad women instead.   There’s enuff suffering in this world, and we dun need a movie to tell us how imbalanced is this world.  The hysteric and degrading plot and characters totally leaves the audience uncomfortably irritated – what the heck am I watching!?

This movie dun even warrant half a popcorn.  Frankly, the audience ought to demand compensation for even watching such a lousy production.  Dear1 and Dear2 did not finish watching the movie, the 1.5 hours spent was an utter waste of time.

– Dear2


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