Japan Toilets

It has been almost 2 months since Dear1 and Dear2 returned from Japan.  If there is 1 thing that impressed Dear2 the most out of this trip, that will be TOILETS.

Japanese toilets are so thoughtful!!  By no means of degradation, let’s talk about how amazing they are.

Train stations

Ever have that urge to use the washroom while you are traveling on the MRT?  It’ll mean getting off at the next stop, but pray that 1) there is a washroom at that MRT station (yes, SOME stations DO NOT have toilets), 2) It is NOT Closed (for renovation, for washing etc), and 3) It is clean (tell me about it, Singapore toilets, not sparing those in MRT stations, are usually dirty….).

Well, in Japan, these are hardly considerations at all.  There’s usually a washroom within the station gantry itself (in Singapore, I still need to get out of the MRT gantry to get to the ladies), and it’s usually CLEAN.  Tell me about it again, I wonder why is it that Japanese can keep their toilets so clean, and yet Singaporeans dunno how to pee properly?  Nope, it’s not becos they have more cleaners.  I know becos even the train station in the wilderness is clean and there is no sight of any cleaners in that ‘ulu’ station.


Toilet INSIDE a train station

And oh, some of their trains come with toilets as well!!  That’s so considerate, as the typical Japanese usually spend a lot time getting from 1 place to the other via the train.


The occasional toilet IN a train

Public parks

Ever been to a public park where the locality map is dotted with PLENTY of washroom signs?  Not a sight you’ll ever find in Singapore.  Not to say that there’s none, but surely when u finally manage to reach one, plus factor in another 10 minutes of queuing time, becos due to its scarcity, the toilets are usually packed.  This is in vast difference as compared to Japan where there’s almost always 1 at the optimal location, plus some incidental ones along the route.


Just look at how many toilets are there in this park


A pretty shed in the park that is actually a washroom


And this is one in the serenity of a temple compound

In Restaurants/ Eateries/ Shops

Big restaurant, small eateries, even shops, they usually have their own toilets.  Ya, we have our Singapore OK washrooms in all food centres and coffee shops, but try visiting one today and I can almost assure u that tonight’s appetite for dinner might be gone.  Why is it that the cleanliness level of these Japanese public toilets can be comparable to that at home, but you’ll never find one like that in Singapore, except maybe in an ‘atas’ hotel or shopping centre?

Along roads

This is not a common sight in Japan though, but Dear1 and Dear2 managed to spot one while walking along Omotesando road, one of the up market shopping street in Japan.  How you wish that toilets in Orchard Road are not so hard to locate, and again, I dun have to queue so long with so many tourists….


A surprise find along ‘Orchard Road’

Coming back to Singapore, Dear2 wondered why Japanese toilets are always so clean?  Dear2 finally concluded that this must be really due to their considerate nature.  Are you considerate enough?

– Dear2


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