My HTC Touch 3G

Somehow, my luck with mobile phone just doesn’t seem to go too well. My first phone was a Samsung SGH600 (I think I got the model number wrong but anyway…), it served me very well. My next one was a Panasonic, can’t remember the model number, totally atrocious. Next came the SE T610. It was a good phone with a lot of features but somehow it was prone to auto shutting down. Next was back to Samsung for D510. It was a very nice slider with an executive look and it worked very well while I was using it. And the most recently phone was the Nokia 6288. Bad, slow response, random resets, unreliable reception. I got so fed up with it that I switched back to my old D510 while searching for a new mobile phone. Up until this stage, I would say that Samsung makes good reliable phones.

For my new phone, I decided on some features that I think I would need going forward. First, I think WLAN is a must becos there are so many free wireless hotspots popping up around town. And being able to log in to the Internet to check movie timings on the go is definitely convenient. I know, GPRS already allows web surfing, but it is expensive, WiFi is free.

Second feature I’m looking for is GPS. I anticipate that I might be getting a car in the future, so having a built in GPS in my mobile phone is more convenient than having to install a GPS car kit. Moreover, GPS in phone allows me to find my way even when I’m outside the car. And GPS can be useful for overseas free and easy travel too.

Next feature I want is multimedia support. There are so many media players out there like ipod, meizu, etc, but they all have one common flaw, they require the user to carry an additional gadget outdoors. In this time of technology convergence, I believe that simple music and video playing can be handled by a mobile phone. So this brings me to a few related features. One, the phone must have a powerful enough processor to handle multimedia. Two, it must have a large and bright enough screen. Three, it must support SD card expansion slots to be able to hold lots of songs and videos.

My search brings me to a near perfect candidate, the HTC Touch 3G. It has WiFi, GPS, a large screen and SD card expansion slot. Specifications wise, it is identical to the HTC Touch Diamond, Qualcomm 7225 528MHz, 192Mb RAM. Price wise, it is very attractive, about $200 cheaper than the Diamond. Features that are desirable but missing from the Touch 3G are FM radio and front camera for video calls.

After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to purchase this phone without line since this phone is a Starhub exclusive while I’m an M1 customer. I managed to find a hubber who recontracted his line to get this phone and I bought it from him at $480 early this year.

In the few months that I’ve been using this phone, I realized how a Windows Mobile operating system can really be useful. Yes, I agree that WM isn’t really that stable and fantastic, but it does have a very very wide range of applications that can be really useful in everyday life. For example, there is Youtube and Google Maps applications. And I’ve also installed an personal accounting application to track my expenses. And there are so many more applications to explore.

For the price and specifications, I would really recommend this phone to anyone who wants to give the WM operating system a try.



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