Passion Run 2009, here we come!

Oh, we haven’t been exercising since the zoo run. But then, the zoo run isn’t really much of a run anyway. So the truth is, we haven’t been exercising in a long long while. It’s time to get back into shape! ><

The latest upcoming run will be the Passion Run 2009, the closing date is just round the corner and the run in another 3.5 weeks or so. We decided to participate in the 10km open to give ourselves a target to train up to. 2 years ago, we participated in the 5km fun run, also at the very last minute. Somehow, we never seem to be in luck with Passion Runs, and never seem to be able to exploit their early bird discount.

One thing that bugged me during my online registration last night was the ‘Express Registration’ for runners who have participated before. Having participated in this event before, we expected the registration process to be much smoother and efficient, much like Stanchart marathons. Just click and the database will fill out the form for me. I *expected* this but I didn’t receive it. The stupid registration system still expects me to key in every single detail. It didn’t even remember my t-shirt size. Grr… No big deal, but just goes to show how much they haven’t improved over the years.

Another irksome point for me was that as non-Passion card members 2 years ago, we were given free 3 years Passion card as part of registering for the run. Of course, we had to pay a slightly higher registration fee back then because we weren’t entitled to the Passion card member discount. This year, we were able to enjoy the member discount but will not be receiving any Passion card renewal. Whereas, non-members will get their free 3 year Passion card. I find this practice rather stingy for such a large organization. This kind of practice will make me reconsider whether or not I wish to continue my Passion card subscription.

Okay, now just concentrate on the run ahead and to keep fit.



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