Mt Faber Run, here we come!

It is interesting to join new and difference sporting events to see the race route itself, explore places of Singapore where we wouldn’t normally go to (such as Changi area for Real Run), and also to see how such public race events are organised. This is the first time that we’re participating in the Mizuno Mount Faber Run and below is a picture of the race route for me to remember by.


It’s a 10km race just like the Passion Run. But since it is named the Mt Faber Run, we can expect the route to be hilly and probably made up of a lot of uphills and also downhills (what goes up, must come down). So for that, I’m predicting a slower timing compared to the Passion Run. Let’s put our target at 1hr40mins.

I’m quite excited to visit the new park connectors around the region as I haven’t visited any of these park connectors before. The only time I managed to catch a glimpse of it was on TV.

Being a couple, Dear1 and Dear2 have never been to the ‘romantic’ Mt Faber before, so it is an opportunity for us to visit the place in the mood of sporty romantism (coined by Dear1). Gee… No lah. Next time we visit Mt Faber again during the evening to enjoy some romantic time together. This time is more for the run and healthy exercise. :)

Now, let’s talk about the registration. We didn’t want to commit to this run too early becos we were rather out of shape and didn’t know if we can take this kind of hilly run. So we waited until *after* the Passion Run to decide. Passion Run went well and so we decided to join the Mt Faber Run. Luckily, there was no early bird price (correct me if I’m wrong and make me sadz…) so we didn’t really miss out on any discounts. And luckily, registration deadline was extended (due to lack of participants?). Somehow, I had the impression that registration must be done in person at selected World Of Sport shops so we made the trip down to the Jurong Point branch. But alas, the deadline extension was only applicable to online registration. That meant we made a wasted trip. -_-”

Anyway, back home, online registration was a breeze. It was mentioned that there will be free socks for the first 500 Passion Card members. During my registration, the system actually asked me for my Passion Card number. Does that mean that I’m the first 500 participants, even during an extended deadline?! Or maybe the programmers are just lazy. This kind of nitty gritties really create negative impressions on the organizers.

Race cost is $35 which I found it a bit on the expensive side, maybe due to it being a small scale event. Race entitlements only include an event running tee and a (non-event?) waist pouch, and *no* finisher medals. The last Mizuno/VGO event we participated in was the Mizuno Wave Run and that time, they ran out of event running tees and distributed normal leftover stock Mizuno running tees instead. Yucks! Hopefully this won’t happen this time. I have heard that the Mt Faber Run is different and much better organized than the Wave Run. I certainly hope this is the case.

Right, that’s it for my pre-race thoughts. This weekend is the race expo and next weekend is the race. See ya.



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