Recounts of Week 1

It all started with what Dear2 thought was indigestion.  Over last weekend, Dear1 and Dear2 had butter crabs at some famous Ang Mo Kio eatery (Mellben) with Dear1’s friends, seafood platter in some buttery cream sauce and spicy buffalo wings from Desmond Koh’s Driving Miss Foodie show recommendation (Buckaroo) and K Lunch on Sun morning.  So when Dear2 had queasy stomach at the end of Sun night, we attributed it to overeating and indigestion.  On Mon morning, Dear2 decided to call in sick and get a MC (yeah, no need to attend that Mon Morning Meeting, haha).

But barely after Dear2 finish describing the queasy and bloated stomach symptoms to the downstairs GP, he immediately asked Dear2 to take a urine sample for pregnancy.  Oh my, indeed that Dear2’s period was over due for 2 weeks, but we’d attribute it to normality or just late due to stress.  Afterall, Dear2 still get that stomach cramp feeling every now and now during this past 2 weeks, which is normal almost every time during her period.  And not to mention that soreness in the breasts, again a normal feeling during few days before that time of the month.  It should be coming bah.

Double lines.  That is what is shown on the pregnancy stick.  The GP says he is 100% sure that Dear2 is pregnant when he briefly showed Dear1 and Dear2 the stick.  And after that he went on to say tell us more of what to expect, all at lightning speed cos he is a doctor who speaks VERY fast.  Dear1 and Dear2 left the clinic still unbelievable, but elated.  :)

Still not believing our eyes (did we really see double lines just now?  What does double line mean anyway?) , Dear2 decided that she wants to do a retest.  So a pregnancy kit with 99% accuracy was purchased from Watson’s.  Haha, now there is no doubt about it. Dear2 even took a photo of the stick to prevent us from disbelieving it still, haha.


Over the next few days, lack of appetite for the usual foods that Dear2 likes, lack of appetite for plain water (Dear2 being an Aquarius, she loves water!), feeling of wanting to vomit even after a full meal (so that’s why pregnant ladies need to eat small, frequent meals), aches in the hips area (doc says is becos the hip is widening in preparation for birth), soreness and enlargement of the breasts (doc says body is preparing for breast feeding), tiredness (ya, Dear2 was feeling lazy recently, but this tiredness is really unbelievable, she can even fall asleep before her favourite Project Runway on Wed), bloatiness (doc say is normal), constipation (not something new for Dear2, she has this quite frequently, but this time it just seems to be worse), cannot sleep at night (well, Dear2 is not one who will wake up in the middle of the night to surf the web becos she cannot sleep, but yes, more tossing and turning and waking to go to the toilet), frequent urination, and finally, worry.  That was the ultimate.  As new mum-to-be, Dear2 started to worry if the baby is developing well or not.  The pregnancy test only confirm the pregnancy, but is the baby developing well or not, this won’t tell.  So when a friend-recommended gynae’s appointment is 3 weeks away (oh gosh…), Dear2 got so worried that she couldn’t help it and broke down on Thur night.  Call that new mummy’s worry, man.  On Fri morning, Dear1 and Dear2 chiong down to a nearby neighbourhood gynae.

Scan, took photo of baby, measure size of baby, calculate the expected delivery date, and told us many many things to expect during this phase.  The most assurance was that Dear1 and Dear2 can see the baby in the womb, now 6mm in size only (haha, so baby only contribute 6mm to Dear2’s bloated stomach at this stage), and that all the above feelings and emotions that Dear2 is experiencing is normal.  We took more folic acid, medicine to support baby, and some medicine to help constipation.

Today is the end of week 1 since Dear1 and Dear2 discovered that Dear2 is pregnant.  The excitement has lessen some what, but Dear2’s movements are more refined now. No big and jerky movements, eat more nutritiously (baby eats what mummy eats!), and just take more care in everything.  Dear1 and Dear2 has become more loving now too, we have a ‘crystallization of love’ (haha, dunno if that’s the proper translation from Mandarin).  I love u, Dear1.

– Dear2


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