Mushroom Pot – Yucks

Dear2 visited the Mushroom Pot Restaurant at Orchard OG recently with some friends, and the conclusion to the eatery is just 1 word – yucky.

Diners have 2 choices, enjoy the hotpot buffet at $29.90++ (or is it $29.60++) on weekends nights, or go for the ala carte menu of mushroom hotpot and the other ‘cooked’ dishes.  The buffet also comes with 5 servings of the cooked dishes as well.  In our late 20s, Dear2 and her group of gal friends no longer have that hearty appetite of the yesteryears – 11 slices of pizza + many plates of spaghetti and lasagna at the once popular Pizza Hut buffet. Haha… We concluded that it’ll be difficult to eat that $30 worth of hotpot buffet, so the decision was the ala menu.  For 5 GIRLS, just ok full at the end of the meal, the bill came up to be $172 (before the 10% Citibank card discount).  OMG.

Here’s what we ordered:

1 serving of Drunken Chicken ($8) – Weak, and bloody with streaks of blood in it.  The counterpart at Ding Tai Fund was a clear winner over this version

1 serving of Mushroom Rolls ($10) – Probably about 8 pieces, this presentation was a far cry from the BIG picture featured on the menu book.  Some people cannot stand the smell of certain mushrooms, but this dish was so yucky that Dear2 only managed to swallow her single piece with lots of chili.  The miserly small roll was also simply too unpresentable – close your thumb and first finger and u get the size of the roll, multiplied with 2cm in height. Urgh.

1 serving of Pork wrapped in Mushroom ($12) – Again, another unpalatable dish, this dish simple have to be swallowed with lots of chili.  The liberal thick brown gravy is tasteless, and u simply wonder if there’s any appeal to the dish at all.  Ah, perhaps the only thing that justify this creation will be its resemblance of each of the mushroom-wrapped-pork to a squid.  Does really looks like it.  Duh.

Wild Mushroom Herbal soup base ($10) with fish slices ($6 ea) , chicken chunks ($5 ea) , fish maw ($8), shitake mushroom ($4 ea), straw mushroom ($4.50 ea), honey mushroom ($6 ea), vegetables ($3 ea), tofu ($2) plus some others – Supposedly the highlight, the only good thing about the hotpot is that soup refills are not chargeable (provided that u manage to get the attention of the many waiters and that they remember your order correctly).  Each serving was again a miserly small portion, and Dear2 just realised that it’s exactly the same size as if u ordered the buffet menu.  Indeed, in buffets where the food is served as compared to those self service ones where u would fill your plates to hill-heights, the portions are usually very small.  But the portion of a $6 fish and a $2 tofu is definitely way too small for a ala carte paid meal.  Given this kind of portions, it’s not hard to order a $30 worth of serving.

In most eateries, the buffet is only worth its value if the diner has starved the previous meal and is prepared to eat to his fullest at the buffet.  At Mushroom Pot, Dear2 strongly encourage u to go for the buffet – it’s simply too uneconomical to take the ala carte menu.  But only if u like food that smells good on the outside, but is full of MSG on the inside.

– Dear2


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