Dear1 is getting fatter

Oh no… Dear1 is already getting fatter since our wedding last year. That time slim down quite a bit because we wanted to look good at our wedding. Since then, we’ve been ‘enjoying’ marriage life, thus getting chubbier and chubbier. Haha… And that is why we came up with our new year resolution to slim down.

And the way to do that is to continue our exercise routine and to continue participating in running events while cutting down on junk food like Roller Coasters, Twisties, Calebee potato chips, etc. And also Marigold soya bean drink. Somehow, we discovered that drinking Marigold soya bean makes us grow bigger. Cutting down on snacks saves money too. 1 stone 2 birds. :D

But things have changed somewhat since we discovered Dear2 is pregnant. Firstly, Dear2 cannot go jogging anymore. Sigh… Without Dear2’s motivation and companionship, I’m finding it very tough to go on a run on my own (Excuses… hehe…). Secondly, we can rule out running events for the rest of the year. Thirdly, Dear2’s appetite is affected by her morning sickness, so now she can only take multiple small meals instead of the usual 3 meals a day. So, for lunch and dinner, Dear2 can only eat 1/2 of her chicken rice and I have to help to finish up the other half so as not to waste food. And so, Dear1 is getting fatter…

A possible way to overcome this is to order only 1 and 1/2 meal when we eat out. That could be like 1 large serving of hor fun to share. Or perhaps 1 standard chicken rice and 1 dumpling. Or order 4 dishes and 2 bowls of plain rice/porridge from the mix vege rice stall. This way, it would fulfill both Dear1’s standard appetite and Dear2’s reduced appetite.

Meanwhile, we should also start looking at exercises that are suitable for Dear2, especially those that we can do together, so that we can continue to keep fit and healthy. Yoga and swimming sounds like a good starting point. :D



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