A Super Tired Week 2

Baby is entering into week 7, and mummy to be tends to be exceptionally tired in her first trimester.  I guess the first trimester will be one of the most important period of baby’s first days, cos that’s when his internal organs and everything starts to form (talk about amaze, the thot of baby being conceived and develop slowly into a full fledged baby still makes Dear1 and Dear2 amazed till this day. I guess we’ll never stop with this amazement for a long long time to come, haha).

Back to week 2, Dear2 is just starting to feel more and more nausea from the morning sickness (MS).  Mind u, this MS only gets more severe at night, by the buildup of the day’s food and gas.  The frequent smaller meals do not really help at this stage though it helps to alleviate the super full feeling at de end of a full meal (Dear1 seems to be putting on more weight now, haha, becos he has been eating Dear2’s leftovers, and nobody to push him to run now, haha!).

Dear2 slept thru de whole of the weekend, and good that she did, cos beauty sleep can now only be achieved during de weekend afternoon naps cos of insomnia during the nights. On these nights, baby’s metabolism seems to be at work, making mummy’s eyes wide open even until 12+.

Week 2 has been just super tired, and Dear1 and Dear2 are just wishing to endure past de first trimester quickly.  Looking forward to de second trimester where there’s less of the MS and tiredness.  Happy growing, baby.  :)

– Dear2


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